20 Myths About Sizing Chart Jeans: Busted

Our choice of clothing is linked with our sense of style and substantially portrays our personality, jeans are stable clothing for all ages and sizes from its comfy and classy feel, too easy manipulation to suit a look.

Jeans is an essential piece of clothing, which is why sizing charts for jeans is always a handy tool for picking the right size. With sizing chart jeans, it has become possible to find the right size for a brand irrespective of your figure or shape.

Sizing chart for jeans is the best way to preclude orders that never fit. As a store owner, online shop owner or shopper, you need to have sizing chart jeans handy to help you make the right choices and satisfy your wide range of customers easily. While sizing charts are helpful, they are never perfect.

There are certain myths that account for misinformed choices about sizing charts for jeans and this article will relay and explain them to give you a better understanding about choosing the best sizing chart jeans. Below are the top myths you should know about.

1. All chart sizes are the same:

Ordering for a pair of jeans from sizing chart jeans or picking one from the store is easy, however, getting your jeans to fit you when you order from sizing charts for jeans is another problem.

The unpopular trick to this is that almost everyone assumes that all sizes are the same irrespective of the brand or design

2. Jeans sizing chats are your true size:

Using a women’s jean sizing chart could be misinforming, jeans sizes and all dress sizes usually differ since we have numerous clothing companies, and the fabric and designs differ.

For example, larger sizes from sizing charts for jeans differ for all companies and what is deemed as a large size could be made with varying measurements depending on the company standards.

The human body shape can be difficult to account for, not everyone weighs the same,

3. All sizing chart fits all targeted shapes:

Not all women have the same shape hence, women's jeans sizing chart cannot fit all figures, which explains why some brands that belong to a particular size might not fit.

How else can one account for a size 2 waist and size 3 hip in a body other than the wide variation of the human body form? for a lot of women, it is easier to travel worldwide than to find jeans that fit without amendments on the women’s jeans sizing chart.

What a lot of women resort to, especially for women’s jeans plus size is slim fit or adjust clothes to suit their sizes.

4. Celebrity sizing should inform your jean size:

On the women’s jeans size chart, a lot of women choose their sizes in line with the same celebrity purported to have the same figure like them.

It is a popular trend to follow or like a celebrity because we have the same shape as them, but the “Behind the seams”, it is never really the same.

5. Vanity sizing is a standard sizing:

Vanity sizing is practiced by putting a smaller size on larger garments to encourage people to purchase a brand Vanity sizing has sold a false standard image of sizes to smoothen the ego of individuals who otherwise would classify themselves as plus size.

Not all plus size model or celebrity wear the actual labeled sizes, and this makes it difficult to for a lot of women to fit into the model sizes on the women’s jeans size chart.

6. Vanity shopping boosts your confidence:

Because there is a deliberate attempt to reduce the size on the label doesn’t mean you have suddenly reached your weight or size goal, you would be disappointed when you try a brand that has no vanity size for you.

7. Online shops provide a reliable charting size for plus sizes:

Sizing chart for jeans for online shopping has negated the necessity of entering every shop to find your size as you could find that easily with just a click.

With the correct sizing chart jeans, you can understand the sizing system, understand the proper position of your sizing chart and satisfy your clients.

8. Every shopaholic is a sizing expert:

Contrary to acclaimed by popular perspectives, all women are not shopaholics, to some women, shopping is another boring chore they have to endure to look good.

These women rely on their shopaholic friends to point out the right size for them on the women’s jeans sizing chart, especially when ordering online, only to be disappointed about the fit.

9. Online jeans shops are sure fits:

it is estimated that over $240 billion worth of clothing including jeans is purchased online every year, and this usually results to waste as about 40% return what they bought online due to sizing issues.

This goes to show that online shops do not provide sure to fit jeans from their women’s jeans sizing chart.

10. All stores consider true sizing before size charting:

This is also a myth because there is no single store that can fit every women’s actual measurement on the woman’s jeans size chart.

11. All jeans brand fit the same way:

This is an absolute myth, you can find an average of four pairs of jeans from the same brands and sizes that all fit differently.

12. Labeling clothes are better than women’s jeans sizing charts:

Some clothes are labeled between S, M, L, and XL instead of the actual women jean’s size chart. This is even more confusing because there is a wide brand of jean sizes that could fit into each labeling categories.

13. Labeling is the simplest way to shop.

This may ring true for a T-shirt and other clothing that are designed to have to fit but not for jeans, shopping with labeling is even more difficult than using sizing charts for jeans.

Before shopping for labeled clothes, consider this question: what defines large or small? Then you will definitely change your mind.

14. Each sizing chart jean is for a particular body type:

If this is true, then every sizing jeans chart including women’s jeans plus size would fit without the need for amendments.

15. Size algorithm can help you get better jeans fit:

To eliminate the guessing games people have to resort to when shopping online, the sizing algorithm has been invented to make women’s jeans chart size work better.

While sizing algorithm has provided a new tech option to help you get jeans that actually fit, it doesn’t work for everybody, especially for women’s jeans plus size.

16. There are enough brands to cater to plus size women:

in America, a higher percentage of women are size 14 or above, this is considered curvy or plus size, however, many people assume there is a ready market for their jean sizes, however, most designers are reluctant about creating a plus size jeans brand, therefore, it has become challenging to find a varying choice for women’s plus size jeans.

When you visit some jeans stores, you find out that the plus size sections have been tucked into a corner with only limited choices of jean designs to choose from.

A lot of brands have confessed that manufacturing clothes for plus size women are more expensive than the regular sized because they require more money, fabrics, and patterns.

17. There has been no change in the sizing chart for jeans over the years:

demographic change in shapes and sizes has informed gradual changes in the women’s jeans chart size showing that the sizing charts have been the same forever.

18. Demographic sizing charts are the same:

Sizing charts differ according to each brand, therefore, you cannot find your actual sizes in all fashion brands. If you can't find yours or nothing on a brand’s sizing chart for jeans fits you, then your size is not on the brand’s demographic target.

19. Your hip circumference is the most important size to consider:

when the hip measurement on the women’s jeans plus size equates with their actual hip measurement, women assume that the jeans will fit. This is also untrue because it doesn’t translate to having the right jeans size, other areas might be too loose or tight.

20. There are internationally accepted standards for sizing chart for jeans:

The fact is that there is no internationally accepted size standard for all sizes, including the women’s jeans plus size, each brand has its own sizing chart for jeans.

Next time when ordering your jean from an international online store, discover if they have the chart size you are familiar with before ordering.

The unsatisfactory choice of sizing charts for jeans has created a vacuum better and well suited true fit designs that are targeted at fitting a wide range of shoppers from all ages and sizes.

While they may ease sizing choices, there is still a need to consider the wide range of shapes and sizes are more than the sizing charts provided. On the part of the consumers, there is also a need to be better informed about the right sizes.

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