Top 3 Pattern Grading Mistakes Found In Waistbands.

How to grade a waistband correctly. Following below are the 3 most common pattern grading mistakes done when grading a waistband.

1). First Pattern Grading mistake Found on Waistbands. 

Not applying correct grading rules at the end of the waistband will cause the waistband to curve in at the end of the waistband and distort the original contour shape of the pattern as we can see on the example below.

2). Second Pattern Grading mistake Found on Waistbands. 

Applying pattern grading rules to the top end of the waistband only and not applying Pattern grading rules at the bottom end of the waistband. In the example below we can see how pattern grading rules were applied to the top end of the waistband only and the consequences of the missing pattern grading rules at the bottom end of the waistband. The graded waistband  below has different band widths on all sizes graded due to the lack of missing grading points at the bottom end of the waistband.

3). Third Pattern Grading mistake Found on Waistbands. 

Third pattern grading mistake but not least, applying pattern grading rules to the waistband all the way on the bottom and center of waist band only and not adding pattern grading points at the top where the side seam of the waistband is. This in return will make the waistband look smaller at the side and wider at the back and center front of the waistband affecting the hanger appeal of a pair of trousers or jeans and the symmetry of the top and bottom waistband width.

Correct Pattern Grading Technique to Grade a Waistband.

Following below we can see how the proper use of pattern grading rules around the waistband helped the graded  waistband to look more in proportion and prevented the waistband from distorting or loosing its original contour shape.


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Alejandro Esparza


Alejandro Esparza

Alejandro Esparza

Hello Calais McNeely, Please see my answer below:
1) Firstly you need to establish what type of waistband you are going to grade.
2) Grading a straight waistband or contour waistband?
3) You need to apply the correct grading measurement
4) The numbers you see around the waistband are called grading points.
5) You must apply all grading points around WB correctly to keep the original pattern dimensions.
Hope that gives you a clearer view of how pattern grading is applied to contour Waistbands.:)

Calais McNeely

Calais McNeely

How exactly do i grade the waistband? Do i do it like i grade a skirt or do i just add my measurements to the ends and middle? i’m a little confused on how to go about it.

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