This fabric shrinkage calculator finds the increase/decrease percentage of washed fabrics in terms of a percentage. Enter before wash value and after wash value to find percentage increase/decrease.

To calculate shrinkage, cut your fabric into a square, record the measurements before washing in the field marked before wash.

Wash & dry your fabrics using the product's care instructions and record measurements in the field marked After Wash

How to calculate fabric percentage increase:

After wash - Before wash / Before wash x 100

[(17 - 20) / 20] x 100 = 15 % increase.

How to calculate fabric percentage decrease:

Before wash - After wash / Before wash x 100

[(20 - 17) / 20] x 100 = 15 % decrease.

How to convert a decimal to a percentage

Multiply by 100 and add a percentage sign

 0.876 = 0.876 * 100 = 87.6 %

How to convert a percentage to a decimal

Remove the percentage sign and divide by 100

15.6 % = 15.6 / 100 = 0.156

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