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Smart Pattern Making

The Smart All-in-One Pattern Making Platform

Smart Pattern Making offers Pattern Making, Pattern Grading, Marker Making, Pattern Digitizing, Marker Plotting, and DXF Converting, Pattern Alterations and Apparel Consulting Services

…all necessary components to a successful apparel and garment business.

What makes us the best go-to resource for all of your garment-apparel needs? 

• We’re are an all-inclusive garment business platform – a one-stop shop! There's no need to be dashing around, trying to coordinate multiple garment and apparel services. 

We’ll save you money and time. Our services are specifically tailored for those who want to bring a design to production but don't have the huge budget to pay a bunch of salaries reaching into the thousands of dollars. 

We have all the tools and technology right here at your disposal to get your fashion products developed and out into the world. 

• Other businesses similar to ours offer static, one-size-fits-all services. Our services and products are designed and developed with the specific, individual needs of our customers in mind. You can count on us to deliver personalized attention to hone in on your particular garment and apparel needs, pre-production and beyond…

Pattern Making Services For Apparel Industry

Pattern Making Services…

…Pattern Drafting and Pattern Designing for Apparel – Accessories – Furniture – Automotive Products

Our team of experts will transform your fashion ideas into precise patterns – and bring your ideas to life. Smart Pattern Making brings 25 years of experience in garment design to the table. You can trust that your design project is in capable hands.

 Our business, located in the heart of downtown LA, has all the technological resources on hand necessary to produce any design you can imagine. Combine that with a knowledgeable team with a deep understanding of... READ MORE HERE!

Pattern Digitizing Services…

…Pattern Digitization, Apparel Digitizing, and Pattern Scanning

Partner with us for all your pattern digitizing needs. Pattern digitization is essential so that you can properly store and guard your patterns for future use. 

We stay up-to-date with the state-of-the-art scanning software and hardware, saving you the hassle of extra overhead in your business. We guaranty that we offer the most accurate and efficient digitization and scanning services, with the quickest turnaround from order to delivery. 

We’ll get your patterns digitized in a way that will make it a breeze to transform them into ...MORE INFO HERE!


…Pattern Grading And Pattern Resizing Made Easy

Do you have a design for one size and body type, but want to make that design pattern available for a whole spectrum of sizes and body types? If your answer is an emphatic yes, our easy pattern grading services are here to help you. 

Nothing is as crucial to your business than to be able to make your designs as widely available to every person who wants to buy and wear what you have created. Unless you have the right mix of experience and technology at your disposal, grading done right and on a large scale might be ...READ MORE NOW!

Efficient Marker Making Services

Marker Making Patterns and Marker Making Sizes That Are Cost Effective and Profitable

The primary goal of marker making is to maximize the use of your fabric – and waste as little fabric as possible. An excellent marker making service…like ours here at Smart Pattern Making…will make it so that most of your fabric is actually used for your design. That means more savings and profits for you! 

Our promise (from one professional to another) is this – Our professional marker making ... LEARN MORE HERE!

Pattern Alterations…

…For all your Shirts, T-shirts, Pants, Skirts, dresses, and Bikini Patterns

If you are in need of expert pattern alterations, modifications, and corrections, then you have come to the right place.

With 25 years of experience altering shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts, and bikini patterns we have a keen sense of the skill, art, and creativity that a good alteration requires. Certainly, measurements need to be made, and principles of alteration adhered to…but without the knack for altering patterns that come with...READ MORE HERE!

Marker Plotting Services

…Efficient Marker Printing, Pattern Plotting, and Marker Copies

Are you an apparel and design manufacturer? Sewing contractor? A pattern maker? A designer? Then you are likely in need of marker plotting and copy services…and we stand ready to help you with that!

Our state-of-the-art industrial marker plotters can handle marker widths up to 72 inches wide…all day long.

We guaranty that the marker plotting and pattern printing that we do for you will be of the highest ... MORE INFO HERE!

Accurate, Quick DXF/CAD Converting Services

…Fashion CAD System DXF Conversions

You can easily convert all your CAD system DXF designs to any widely used format. How? Our DXF converting services. 

Are you an apparel or garment manufacturer? A pattern maker? A designer? We can take any of your files using Gerber, Tukatech, Optitex, or StyleCAD system and convert DXF designs to whatever format suits your needs. Tell us what you have and what you want to convert it – and we’ll do it…for a price you’ll like in a time ...LEARN MORE HERE!




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