Grading Dresses: The Solution To Your Size Problems

Dresses Grading. Grading your Maxi, Strapless, Sport, Halter, Cover-Up or Sundresses is the perfect solution for your size problems. There are times when you have the perfect dress in mind. This may be a dress for a special occasion such as a long-awaited dinner date, dancing nightclub even or an important Monday morning business meeting. Finding the perfect dress is a monumental task. Therefore, other women resort to having the dress made for them. Another problem comes when you are not a conventional size. The fit of your dress plays a major role in your appearance. Therefore, it is important to seek the help of an expert dresses pattern grading house that specializes in the grading of Maxi, Strapless, Sport, Halter Cover Up, Sundresses, and many other designs.

Pattern Grading 101

First, you need to understand how pattern grading works. Basically, it is a method of making adjustments to make a dress pattern bigger by specific increments. Some companies offer services to do this manually while there are also others who do this digitally, through the use of particular software. For dressmakers who want to submit their patterns to factories, pattern grading is very important since factories usually ask for a set of patterns with different sizes.

Grading Dresses – A Complete Set

When selecting a dress grading option you are including the total amount of pattern pieces that need to be graded for your dress design and it will also give you the option to enter your length and width dress measurements to grade a complete set of dress sizes. Have a dress design that contains more than 6 pattern pieces in your design? No problem, Select the next dress grading option as simple as that. This is a great choice if you want to create dresses that everyone will have an opportunity of wearing or for your potential store's customer or buyer.

Why go for Pattern Grading?

If you have no experience with grading dresses Maxi, Strapless, Sport, Halter, Cover-Up or Sundresses at all, then it is best to avail of professional pattern grading services. Doing so will save you from unnecessary expenses on the pattern since you will have to start from scratch when you commit a mistake. Therefore, both your time and the money that you spend for the materials are wasted.

Here are some reasons why hiring a professional pattern grading service provider is the best choice:

  • Multi-tasking. When you try to accomplish pattern grading yourself, you may find that there are some tasks that you can do while there are others that you cannot. Therefore, you will have to hire a professional to complete the pattern grading process. However, when you hire a professional right away, they will take care of every step of the process – from first product patterns up to marker making.
  • Multi-design. You will save more money if you go to a grading dresses service provider who can grade multiple designs instead of a single dress design. You will also get your patterns graded faster.
  • Multi-choice. Have different dresses designs and different pattern piece quantities for each of your designs? No problem, Using a pattern grading house that provides multiple dresses grading options will allow you to grade any dress pattern you have regardless of the number of pattern pieces contained in your Maxi, Strapless, Sport, Halter, Cover Up or Sundresses patterns.
  • Multi-service. Established grading houses who provide full pattern development services as well can also offer other kinds of pattern-related services such as pattern digitizing, pattern alterations, calculate fabric shrinkage percentages, marker plotting, garment measuring, marker making and more.--------------------

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