Why Digitizing Bikinis And FedExing Patterns Is Ideal For Any Business

Pattern digitizing is a very essential step in production of in a variety of industries such as clothing, furniture, locomotive, aeronautics, metal sheets and other industries alike where products are sewn or metal sheets are fabricated. For the most part, especially in the clothing or textile industry, digitizing is followed by grading, custom design and marker making phases before the marker is sent to the cutting room. Putting things into perspective and following this chain of production, we can acknowledge that digitizing adds to the overall process time and is chiefly one of the various stages in the clothing industry.

As stated above that digitizing pattern is a very important process in the clothing industry, so also is digitizing pattern very essential in the production of bikinis. Digitizing of bikinis is the process in which sewing patterns that have been made on cardboard, paper, plastic or on any other surface where you have first made your drawing or sketched a design of what should be used on the bikini, this designs or sketches are then scanned into the computer CAD (Computer Aided Design) system to maintain its initial design and shape and for additional use and editing objectives. Paper sewing patterns of the bikini are digitized then graded into a computer aided design system, which can be used to create several sizes of the same design to fit a specific body shape, client or populace.
Pattern digitizing during the bikini production process is often the first step in the digitization and production of bikini, it is a small aspect of the whole production process, but it is a very vital element in the production process. In this article, we shall be highlighting some of the numerous reasons why digitizing bikinis and fedexing patterns is ideal for business.

Reduces time digitizing patterns

Digitizing bikinis and fedexing patterns is ideal for business because one of the main reasons for digitizing is to have your proposed design for the bikini created and scanned into the computer aided design system. Once this design has been scanned into the computer aided design system, it reduces the time that would have ordinarily been spent manually digitizing each piece of bikini. But as a result of digitizing this would ensure and make it easier for the bikinis to be created in several sizes of the same design to fit a particular body type, a specific niche of clientele or for the general populace.

Mass digitized bikini patterns

Another ideal reason for business in digitizing bikini and fedexing patterns is the ability to mass digitized bikini patterns. As soon as your design has been scanned into the computer aided design, this decodes into clean digital lines that can be read by a variety of the fashion computer aided design software easily available on the market. The accuracy that comes with scanning the bikini designs into a digitized format ensures that you can easily access your designs at any time, this transmutes to being able to produce in large quantity the amount of a particular type if digitized bikini you would need.

More time to focus on designing bikinis

In addition to the above reasons why digitizing bikinis and fedexing patterns is ideal for business, it also gives you more time to focus on designing bikinis. This is because more time, effort, creativity and productivity that would have been expended in producing a particular type of design over a period of time to meet up with the demand of the populace, is now being focused on coming up with new designs for more bikinis. This would ensure that customers and clients have a large number of bikini design variety to choose from. Having numerous designs for bikini is ideal for business because most time customers wouldn’t want to purchase more than one bikini of a particular design but with a variety of design to choose from, customers would be able to purchase more than one as they would all seem different.

Flexibility to digitize bikini designs

Subsequently as a result of having more time to focus on designing more bikinis, there also comes with the flexibility to digitize bikini designs. Using the various automotive digitizing pattern services ensures that you have digital files for your bikini designs, this designs can be imported into illustrator computer aided designs program or your preferred fashion computer aided design system allowing you to tweak and make further editing or a new design.

Reduce bikini digitizing cost

Contrary to the assertions made by many, pattern digitizing is not as time consuming and expensive as they all conclude, but then again time consumption and cost is relative. Some of the various computer aided design software pattern makers and graders use for digitizing are highly efficient and take significantly reduced time to digitize bikinis. As a result of the reduced time and effort being expended in digitizing these bikinis, the cost of digitizing bikini is considerably reduced.

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Digitizing Bikinis Patterns


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