Pro Dress Digitizing: Why It Is Important And who needs it?

Pro dress digitizing is a somewhat composite procedure which comprises of the transfer of aesthetic and creatively conceived design or pattern onto a dress that can be read by a computer aided design system. This computer aided design can scan the pattern or style created to divulge if it is amenable to the dress, and if it isn’t what steps can be taken to amend the pattern to fit the dress. It is essential to be able to focus on the craft of digitizing dresses so as to be able to create a piece of artistic design that would perfectly fit the dress. Certain designs for some dresses, like the; maxi dresses, halter dress, wrap dresses, etc. may need tweaking on the computer aided design system before they can be effectively duplicated on the dress. It may be a question of adjusting, streamlining or simple reshuffling of components of the design to produce something that looks well on the computer aided design system as well as be a perfect fit for the dress to be digitized on.

When the modification has been made and the digitized pattern can comfortably and artistically be reproduced on the dress, the digitizer can scrutinize and the transfer the digitization through the computer aided design system and can then proceed to automatically duplicate this pattern on the fabric or dress that is chosen. Dress digitizing creates a plethora of possibilities in terms of what can be achieved or artistically producing designs on papers that can be transferred on to dresses. When customers go shopping for clothes or when a designer makes patterns for a specific sample population, the customers are most times limited in the designs available for them to choose from, this thus limits their freedom of choice to choose from a variety of designs. However, the freedom to choose from a variety of choices is greatly enhanced by pro dress digitization. It is freedom because the customers or sample population for whom these dresses are made for is free to have the responsibility of choosing from a variety of digitized pattern dresses – often inspired by the designer’s creativity or natural environment – and this would be both artistically and uniquely pleasing to the eyes. This can be pleasant for a customer likes a particular type of dress, now such customer can buy such dress and in different digitized style patterns.

The most beguiling facet of dress digitizing is its combination of artistic and technical ability. Creating a truly appealing digitized pattern is something that activates and utilizes the creative side of our brains. Art is a form of storytelling, communication emotions and character, environment and nature. Every microscopic element designed for dress digitizing has the designer’s message embossed on it, whether they realize it or not. However, art isn’t the all-encompassing factor for dress digitizing, the designer must also take into account the technical prowess to transfer that digitized pattern from the computer aided design system on to the dress fabric itself. Adapting to the format of digitizing, knowing which software to use that would best produces a particular design pattern and ensuring quality reproduction is essential and this requires some technical prowess.

There are a lot of questions about who needs to use the pro dress digitizing services the most, why there isn’t a straight forward answer, there are some designers who would need to make more dress digitizing patterns than other designers. Any designer who makes dresses for Maxi, Halter dresses, Wrap dresses or any other styles, designers and manufacturing companies in need of professional dress pattern digitizing services would need to make use of pro dress digitizing more than designers who design for cargo pants or walk shorts.
The proficiency of digitizing software is essentially focal. And this is true most especially for designers who specialize in making dress for Maxi, Halter dress, Wrap dress and any other style. They are also other factors that come into play to ensure that the digitized patterns from the computer aided design system are successfully reproduced on the dress. Another crucially important element is the texture of the fabric; this has to be taken into consideration so as to determine the type of design needed and the thread that must be utilized. In this case the “push and pull” factor awareness pops up which may influence the final design. This refers to the process which may occur during the reproduction process and computer aided design system, through analysis to ensure that the style, vision and components of the final outcome of the created artwork are what are exactly reproduced on the dress.

Designers and manufacturing companies in need of professional dress pattern digitizing services would first have to ascertain the digitizers that would be designing dresses would need to know how the pro dress digitizing program operates;
• they should be create artistic design in graphic forms on paper
• thereafter, the design would be digitized using the various software available on a computer aided design system
• pathing is a fundamental aspect in digitizing; this involves the digitization process whereby the patterns significantly overlap each other so as to relay the final artwork. Pathing is associated with the arrangement of patterns through the process of digitization
• inconsistencies in finished works should be avoided through careful pathing
These would ultimately produce a unique and aesthetic pro dress digitizing peculiar only to the designers or manufacturing company digitizers.

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