Pants Digitizing Styles Designers Digitized the Most

Have you ever wondered why so many fashion designers are so focused on the art of stylishly digitizing patterns on pants? You will find various fashion designing companies so studiously absorbed in the art of digitizing patterns on pants to make them more stylish, classy and appealing to the eyes. Fashion designers are increasingly working with the various digitizing software available out there in the market to create a variety of innovative and artistic pants digitizing styles.

The purpose? These fashion design companies are increasingly aware of the benefits of fashioning timeless pants digitizing style, principles and patterns while also exhibiting their ingenuity in the development their own personal style or brand.

For designers who specialize in digitizing style patterns for pants, digitizing these patterns and scanning them in the computer aided  design system have made their work less laborious, flexible, more creative and efficient. From the computer aided design system, designers can now digitally design and scan their design pattern and within minutes have these patterns stitched on to the pants they wish it to be on. But before a designer can decide on what digitizing style or pattern to design on a pant, he has to first comprehend what the pants would be used for and the nature of the digitizing style itself. The designer also needs to be very familiar with the tendency of travel, stitch positioning, and how the different type of stitches can produce or turn out different designs depending on the pants it is being stitched on.

In designing what type of digitizing pattern to use on pants, the designer has several choices in which he can use to select the digitizing pattern he would want to use on a pant.  He would have to consider:

  • the kind of fabric the digitizing design would be on
  • how much digitizing pattern style would be enough, too much or infinitesimal
  • how to finalize the digitizing on the fabric
  • the type of pants the digitizing design would be on, and
  • the digitizing design to be use

Now depending on some of the choices listed above available to the designer in deciding what digitizing style pattern to use on a pant, we would take into consideration the pants digitizing styles designers use the most in digitizing; jean pants, leggings, tights, baggy pants, board shorts, walk shorts, Capri pants, cargo pants, yoga pants, palazzo pants.

Jean pants

Most digitizing styles used by designers for styling jean pants is usually the running design digitizing pattern. The running design digitizing pattern is used to create an outline on the jean pants. Not to be confused with the running man stitching, the running design digitizing pattern offers a quick way for designers to outline the jean pants.

Leggings/Yoga pants

The design chain digitizing pattern is the style mostly used by designers to style leggings pants and yoga pants. The detached chain digitizing is a common digitizing style for making flowers and leaves prints. This pattern can be used to create the daisy flower, rose flower, which are usually created using five or six designs overlapping each other.

Palazzo pants/Capri pants

The most common digitizing pattern used for styling the palazzo pants and Capri pants is the feather design. The feather design is used by most designers for digitizing palazzo or Capri pants because it creates opens line that creates the perception that they are moving. The feather design is perfect on the pants because it makes frames and borders on the pants and the design modification makes it possible to create a multitude of natural designs on the pants.


For digitizing tights, most designers usually opt for the lazy daisy digitizing pattern. The lazy daisy digitizing pattern is also used in creating floral and petal designs. Unlike the design chain digitizing pattern, the lazy daisy digitizing pattern does not overlap, rather during digitizing, a loop is created and then a small design is made at the end of the loop which later on develops into a look of daisy petal.

Baggy pants/Cargo pants

For designing the baggy and cargo pants, the herringbone digitizing pattern can be used. The herringbone digitizing pattern is used to design the hem of garments and it is sometimes referred to as the catch digitizing pattern or the plaited pattern by some designers. In creating the herringbone pattern, parallel lines are drawn and then the pattern is made in between the parallel lines to fill in the spaces.

Board shorts

When deciding digitizing styles for board shorts usually the most preferred pattern is the split digitizing style. The stitch digitizing style creates a solid line and then develops into a thread like texture. This digitizing pattern is mostly used because it is a good option for text and outlines on the shorts.

Walk shorts

The French knot digitizing style is the pattern used by most designers for walk short designs. Although the French knot digitizing pattern might seem a bit complex at first, but once mastered, it is worth the effort. The French knot pattern makes the walk short fabric texture filled.

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Alejandro Esparza: Entrepreneur/ Founder @ Designer/ Professional Pattern Maker/ Startup Advisor. He has the ability to work with small entrepreneurial companies’ private label customers and large organizations. Alejandro is a graduate of Los Angeles Trade Technical College Fashion Design Program. He is an expert with over 25 years experience in apparel garment industry and has published multiple articles about the garment industry. Copyright © by Alejandro Esparza. All Rights Reserved. No part of this article may be copy or used without written Permission from Alejandro Esparza the Author.




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