8 Things You Need To know Before Grading Pants & Shorts

There are many things you should understand before choosing pattern grading services from the market. There are many professionals who have specialization in pants and shorts grading and you can easily avail their services for your company. This can be very useful during mass production of different garments in your factory. You can eliminate the chances of errors by a huge margin. This results in the best fitting garments and your consumers will fall in love with your products.

Pants And Shorts Pattern Grading

1). Understand the basics of grading

The complete measurement of the waist and hip region constitute the circumference of the garment. The distance across the grade is taken as the width grade. In the same fashion, the length is also considered for the growth of pattern. Designers should have complete idea about these factors before approaching professionals for pants and shorts grading services. This ensures that there will be no confusion with regards to the terminology and you can easily understand the report given by the professionals.

2). Understand your market

This is very important to get the best results from your apparel. Remember that the grading is done using different parameters for men’s and women’s apparel. In the same manner, children's apparel is graded using specific parameters suggested by experts. You have to carefully understand your target audience and determine your market before choosing the appropriate grading services.

3). Fitting of garments

Different fitting styles are given grading by using different parameters by professionals. You have to understand this factor completely as the style of fitting decides the grading process. In the same manner, the fabric chosen for the apparel also matters when professionals offer grading services.

4). Customized grading

You have to understand that different retail customers may need their own sizing and you have to grade the garments according to their specifications. It is important to follow high quality standards when the proper specifications are given by the customers. This is easily possible by choosing professional pants and shorts grading services.

5). Manual grading of garments

This method is usually preferred when the quantity of garments is very less. However, this is not suitable when you are trying for mass production as the output will be very slow. You need expert graders for this purpose and they can conveniently grade different garments according to your specification. Remember that it is possible to get customized service from these professionals at affordable rates. They use state of the art equipment which can give accurate results and fast turn arounds. This results in lot of savings for your business and you can get high quality output in this manner.

6). Computerized grading of garments

This method provides the best results when you have too many garments to handle in your factory. It uses advanced software that can give fast as well as accurate results. There are many companies who own such equipment and they usually hire the services of professionals to handle the grading activity. When you do not have enough budget to buy the equipment, you can depend upon third party grading service providers who bring their own equipment. The unique advantage of choosing this method is that you can get markers for different sizes of any style. The only requirement in this case is that you need to grade the patterns before developing the markets. The printouts for the cutting order can be inspected before production and this gives accurate results. It is also possible to compare multiple pattern sizes using the software and this can help you to identify errors in the design. In this way, you can apply suitable corrections before sending the lot for production.

7). Cost of grading services

This changes drastically depending upon your individual requirement. If you choose manual grading for a small lot of garments, you can easily get the task done within short duration. This also reduces the overall cost by a huge margin. There is no need to use sophisticated equipment in this situation. On the other hand, when it comes to grading bulk garments using manual method, you need to spend lot of money. There is a risk of manual errors creeping into the system when you choose this option for bulk work. In this manner, depending upon the method chosen for grading, you need to allocate the appropriate budget for the task.

Using computerized grading services is the best option when you have bulk grading activities in your factory. Some professionals charge on an hourly basis or flat rate for pants and shorts grading along with other garments. Similarly, it is also possible to avail their services based on the number of garments graded by the professionals. You can discuss your requirements and get the appropriate quotation for the project.

8). Benefits of choosing professionals

There is no need to make costly mistakes by choosing the wrong designs for bulk production in your factory. This can result in huge losses for the company and you will be left with huge stock of useless apparel. To avoid this situation, you can conveniently approach professionals who provide pattern making services and get the best patterns for all designs. By choosing appropriate grading services, you can easily eliminate bad fitting garments and this improves your credibility in the market. You can even convert your manual patterns into digital designs by using the services of these professionals. It is also a good idea to buy digitally developed patterns for your production work. This can save you lots of money in the long run.




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