Tips on Skirts Pattern Alterations for the Perfect Fit

Ladies, raise your hands if you also think that Skirts are a staple in your wardrobe that you can’t imagine living without? We thought so too! Being able to sew or alter your skirts is the right way of going about things if you wish for your skirts to fit perfectly. Moreover, having a skirt pattern up your sleeve that fits ideally and is comfortable to wear is the biggest plus when you are into skirts. For that matter, we have brought you some tips regarding the Skirts pattern modifications, Maxi skirts alterations, and Wrap skirts alterations so that you can adjust the patterns to fit perfectly as well as help you create different looks. So, let’s get started.

The fit is Personal

First things first, always remember that the fit is personal. Some girls like their skirts to be snug around the waist so that they don’t swivel while wearing. For that reason, they go for almost no ease in the waist area. On the other hand, some girls wish for that hip area to be easy s that sitting is effortless. But then again some of us prefer figure-hugging silhouette that would flatter their curves. The cut to the chase summary is that target the fit that not only makes you feel comfortable but also flatters your body shape. So, before making Skirts pattern modifications, Maxi skirts alterations, and Wrap skirts adjustments be absolutely clear on what fit you prefer.

Tips to Alter your Skirt Patterns to Fit

1. Make a Test garment/Muslin

The first great tip when it comes to reducing the number of fitting adjustments you want to make is by going ahead and measuring those skirts in your wardrobe that are the perfect fit. Also, check on the pattern pieces whether the manufacturer has provided the ‘finished dimensions’ for waist and hip. Compare the provided dimensions to the measurements you took from your best fitting skirts. Then, make a quick fitting garment using any leftover fabric and just sew it with basting stitch length. This will be your test skirt which is usually referred to as toile or muslin and is used for fitting only. It can prove to be helpful when it comes to alteration of your skirts.

2. Make Waist Adjustments

Next, come the waist adjustments to gain the perfect fit for your test garment. For a consistent waist placement line, tie a piece of elastic around it. If your muslin feels just right at the waist, believe it or not, you couldn’t ask for more!
On the other hand, if it feels a bit too snug, then you will need to open the side seams up and measure the space available between the stitching lines as well as how far down the seam that change is required.
While trying the test garment on, remember that the side seams should be running straight down while being perpendicular to the floor as well as be at the actual side of your body. While if the test skirt is too generous at the waist, try pinning the excess fabric on the side seams. Now would be the time to take the skirt off and transfer all the alterations you made to the paper pattern of your perfectly fitting skirt. Lastly, try to blend your latest cutting line with the existing one with the help of a smooth curve.

3. Hip Adjustments

Now, coming to the hip adjustment part, have a close look at how your test skirt feels and looks in the hip area. If you feel uncomfortable while sitting or your muslin is pulling, then you will have to open up the side seams and look for how much allowance they offer in terms of the spread. You will have to add more fabric equivalent to the amount of spread.
On the other hand, if the skirt is too lose at the hip, pin up the excess fabric and sit again while wearing it to ensure you have sufficient space to sit. Another thing that plays a pivotal role in the skirt fitting is the dart length. The tip of the dart is supposed to end slightly above the part of your hip that is the fullest.
Finally, go ahead and make these changes to the paper pattern of your skirt to accomplish your alteration whether it is Skirts pattern modifications, Maxi skirts alterations, and Wrap skirts alterations successfully.
So, go ahead and use our above-listed amazing tips and tricks to make skirts pattern alterations and attain the perfect fit. You are sure to get the most comfortable yet figure flattering skirts using these tips. Once you finalize your pattern, keep it in a safe place so that you can revert to it whenever you wish to indulge in making a new flattering skirt for yourself.

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