How to: Make a Double Slit Maxi Skirt Pattern Tutorial.

This type of skirt is a flowing skirt that is made out of 2 pieces of material that overlaps at the sides and has an elastic waist band to gather fabric around waist.

1). Cut a piece of paper and draw a rectangle that has your waist measurement example 27 inches x the height of the elastic you wish to use example 2” x 2 so your rectangle measurement should
Be 27” long by 4” wide

2) Elastic cut measurement. Measure your waist measurement for example 27” reduce elastic measurement by 5” so elastic fits you slightly tight around your waist total elastic cut measurement should be 22”

3) Decide how long you want your skirt to be for example if you are 5’ 5” tall you might want your skirt to be 45 inches long add 2 extra inches to skirt length to finish off the hem.

4) Let’s make the front skirt panel. Draw a rectangle shape that is 47 inches long by 25 inches wide.

5) Now let’s make the back skirt panel. Draw a rectangle shape that is 47 inches long by 35 inches wide.

6) Make sure that both skirt panels have enough fabric ease around your hips to give to this skirt the flowing effect you wish to accomplish. Also, please note that this pattern has no seam allowance so  you have to add a ½” seam allowance to your skirt pattern pieces before cutting and sewing.

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Hi good day have a few questions on the article above. The front panel diagram shows 47 inches by 30 inches but the reading description says 47 inches by 25 inches. The same with the back panel. The diagram says 47inches by 40 inches and the reading says 47 inches by 35 inches.
My other question is how do you determine the width of each panel?
What calculation was used?
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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