Classic Scrub Cab: 13 Easy Steps DIY Nurse Hat

What is a scrub cap?

Scrub caps or surgical caps are used to hold back and cover the hair. They can also be referred to as operating room caps because they are intended for use by surgeons, nurses, and other working room faculty, who might put them on while sanitizing themselves before medical procedure or surgery.

Scrub hats are currently worn by numerous clinic staff. The utilization of scrub hat has been stretched out outside medical clinics to workplaces where attire may come into contact with irresistible operators (birthing assistants, veterinarians, and so forth).

The medical scrub cap is intended to be basic (with negligible spots for contaminants to stow away), simple to wash, and modest to supplant whenever harmed. In the United States, scrubs hat is now and again known as theatre blues, which are used as hair covers.

It is taboo to wear any uncovered garments in many operating rooms, for example, a shirt. capuchin de chirurgie also known as custom surgical caps are intended to advance a spotless situation.

The wearing of outside apparel is thought to present undesirable microorganisms. Almost all patient consideration workforce at medical clinics in the United States wear some type of scours while on the job, as do a few staff members in specialist, dental, and veterinary workplaces.

Specialists in the United States may wear their own garments with a white coat aside from medical procedures. Care staff, for example, overseers and unit assistants likewise wear scrub cap in certain offices.

At the point when the doctor isn't performing a medical procedure, the scrub cloth is frequently worn under a white coat. Cloth surgical caps are the clean garments worn by nurses, doctors, specialists, and different laborers associated with persistent consideration in clinics.

Can nurses wear scrub caps?

Scrub caps are generally meant for all medical practitioners during surgery to prevent the transfer of micro-organisms or infections. Since nurses are also one of the medical practitioners, it is a must for them to also wear a surgeon hat or scrub cap during surgery or when they are in the operating room.

Surgical hair caps are also surgical caps mostly used by nurses to hold back and cover both short and long hair. This nurse hat serves a functional purpose of sterilizing the operating room and also to keep the operating room free from harmful contamination. In some cases during operation, the patient might also be required to wear a medical scrub hat depending on the procedure.

Chapeau de Gommage also known as operating room hats are intended to advance a spotless situation, the wearing of outside apparel is thought to present undesirable microorganisms.

To maintain a high level of hygiene, it is mandatory for nurses to also wear surgical head caps to protect patients from hair contaminants that might complicate the patient’s health condition.

What fabrics are best for scrub caps?

The best fabrics for making scrub caps are polyester, spandex, rayon, and cotton. 

Cotton is a fluffy and soft fiber that grows in a protective case also known as boll, around the cotton plant’s seeds. Cotton is nearly pure cellulose.

Linen-cotton can retain heat effectively than only linen, and they are also resistant to wrinkle, thinner, stronger, and lighter than other fibers. It is mostly used for making men's surgical caps and doctors cap.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is derived from a chemical reaction that happens between petroleum, coal, water, and coal. This surgical cap fabric is resistant to shrinking, stretching, and wrinkle. It is also durable, quick to dry, and easy to care for. Unlike cotton, polyester has the ability to trap down sweat instead of soaking it up. It is mostly used for making scrub cap women and surgical hats due to its functional purpose.

Spandex which is also known as Elastane and Lyca is mostly used to add stretchiness to surgeon cap due to the fact that it has a durable and lightweight synthetic material.

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric, which is made from cellulose fibers that are derived from wood pulp and chemicals. Rayon is not referred to as a completely natural material just like cotton because it requires particular chemicals during processing. Rayon is silky, soft, and not very durable. It is mostly used in the production of cuffia chirurgica and scrub cap men.

How do you wash scrub caps

Washing scrub caps require a standard temperature to terminate or eradicate. A temperature of 60C is perfect to eradicate germs or infections. Washing of scrub caps depends on the type of material they are made of.

For Polyester, scrub cap men are turned in and out to prevent the scrub from piling and snagging. Scrub caps men are usually washed in warm water with the addition of fabric softener. They are then dried with a dryer sheet at a low temperature.

For Spandex, custom scrub caps washing protocol depends on the quantity on spandex in the scrub caps. Scrubs that have up to 20% spandex can be washed in warm water, rinsed in cold water, and then dried at low temperature.

For Rayon, since it may shrink or stretch when wet, it is advisable to wash it carefully in warm water.

For Cotton, it can easily be machine washed in warm water and then dried based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Here are some tips on how to wash scrub cap

  • Add half cup of white vinegar for sanitization to the water of 60C, this will actually make the scrub more vibrant and last longer. Scrubs like medical cap and scrub caps for women last longer when properly taken care of.
  • Carefully dip your scrub cap into the water and wash.
  • Line dry your scrub cap to prevent them from shrinking or fading.
  • Press or iron your scrub caps with a hot iron, which will also help to eliminate remaining germs and also give a unique look to the cap.

How much fabric to make a scrub cap?

So, how much material for a scrub hat? The major materials needed to make scrub hat women or men's scrub caps are 18 x 22 inches or one fat quarter of fabric with a piece of thread and elastic.

The material needed depends on the scrub hat pattern or scrub cap pattern design you want to make.

For surgical scrub hats or surgical scrub caps, a half yard of 100% cotton fabric is used. The surgical scrub hat contains 100% cotton fabric due to the fact that Cotton is a fluffy and soft fiber that grows in a protective case also known as boll, around the cotton plant’s seeds. Cotton is nearly pure cellulose.

Linen-cotton can retain heat effectively than only linen, and they are also resistant to wrinkle, thinner, stronger, and lighter than other fibers. It is also used for making scrubs hats women.

20% of spandex is added to the cotton fabric to make a scrub cap for men, which will make it more durable.

Scrub cap supplies

The following tools are needed for making  scrub caps

  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Tape for assembling the pattern
  • Pieces of the pattern printed out and assembled with respect to the direction indicated in PDF pattern
  • One package of ¼ inches wide elastic
  • Needles
  • Chalk for marking the points to cut
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Safety pin

Prepare scrub cap Pattern

The first thing to do is to download the scrub cap PDF pattern before starting to make a black surgical cap, nurse hat, or men's surgical scrub cap.

The pattern for the scrub hat is a paper design, which helps to make the cutting and sectioning of fabric easy. The top piece paper pattern for the hat has a dimension of 8.5 x 11 inches while the main body piece has a dimension of 12 x 30 inches.

When making surgical caps men, the small piece which stands for the scrub cap tie is taped to the side piece.

Cut scrub cap pattern

Place scrub cap top and scrub body pattern pieces on the fabric. Use a knife or cutting wheel and cut out all pattern pieces. This action is basically used in the production of Cuffia Chirurgica and Chirurgie Kappa. Do not use a blunt knife to cut out the fabric. Using a sharp knife makes the cut out neat and perfect.


The following steps give a precise and detailed explanation of the scrub hat tutorial.

STEP 1: Stitch scrub cap top fabric piece

Prepare cut out scrub cap top piece and stitch at the bottom part of the scrub cap piece carefully rolling fabric in about 3/8" to clean finish scrub cap bottom edge. 

STEP 2: Pin scrub cap top to the center of the scrub body

Fold the top piece fabric and the side piece fabric into equal half to locate the centre. After locating the centre, place the two fabrics together and then pin them. Make sure that they are joined at the center.

STEP 3: Pin scrub cap top to the scrub body

After pinning the two fabrics at the centre, the next step is to set the top and side pieces of fabric and then pin the edge all the way around. This action will help to join the top and side pieces of fabric together before stitching.

STEP 4: Stitch scrub cap fabric pieces all the way around

Using a straight stitch, you are going to go all the way around the edge with about a quarter of an inch seam allowance. This action will help to join both pieces perfectly and firmly.

STEP 5: Use a zigzag stitch to finish the edge

After the edge of the top and side pieces of fabric are stitched together, it is necessary to use a zigzag stitch to finish the edge just to prevent the edge from fraying and to make it more durable.

STEP 6: zig-zag tie on curve side

Start zig-zagging scrub cap body ties about 2 inches away from the curve side. This will reinforce the curve side of ties and make it more durable also, prevents the edge from fraying.

STEP 7: Press down tie seams all around

Fold-down the top edge of the fabric about a quarter of an inch all the way around the corner to the edge, then use your iron to press the bottom edge all the way around the cap and also the other side.

STEP 8: Fold scrub cap tie in half then pin

After folding up the tie bottom edge, the next step is to align evenly both sides of the tie and pin before stitching tie in a straight line.

STEP 9: Reinforce curve edge with a zig-zag 

After folding up the bottom edge to meet the top edge, the next step is to sew along the tie with a straight stitch and stop at the curve then, reinforce the curved edge with a zigzagging stitch go back and forth to reinforce the curve.

STEP 10: Stitch tie straight across the folded edge

After reinforcing the little curved edge the next thing to do is to stitch tie straight across the edge. Stitch the edge of the scrub cap in a forward and straight direction.

STEP 11:  Continue stitching scrub cap in a straight line to the end of the tie.

Just like step 10, reinforce the little curved edge by zigzagging forward and backward, then continue stitching across the tie band in a straight line.

STEP 12: Turn out the scrub cap

After stitching the edge of the scrub cap in both forward and backward directions, the final step is to turn out the scrub cap. At this stage, both the top and the side pieces of fabric have been joined together perfectly to form a scrub cap.

STEP 13: Add button to the scrub cap

This is the final step in making a scrub cap. This is the point in which button is attached to the scrub cap. It is added some few inches from the back of either sides of the scrub cap.

In conclusion, Bone Cirurgico and Gorro quirurgico are one of the best scrub caps, which are produced with the aid of a scrub cap template or scrub hat pattern.  Operating room scrub hats and surgical hoods can be gotten at a scrub hat store.   

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