Altering Bikini Patterns To Suit Your Style And Size

In trying to alter bikini patterns to suit your style and size, the first step towards achieving an outstanding fit is to choose a pattern that fits properly from the outset. It is an effective idea for bikini wearers is to always take their measurements so as they can know their size and be sure of the style when they need to purchase a bikini. This especially important for women going through weight fitness sessions, women who gain or lose weight easily, new mothers, and mature adults whose figures change easily. In just a matter of months, one’s figure or weight may change significantly enough to cause a change in the style and size of a bikini pattern needed for the best fit.

The bikini pattern types available are designed for a variety of figure types and body shapes. The pattern type of the bikini you should select should generally be decided hips, waist, and stage or figure development, back-waist length measurement.

When altering bikini patterns to suit your style and size, it doesn’t matter what method you use in the alteration or adjustment process when you are done, all that has really changed is the outline or outer edge of the bikini pattern as well as a better style and fit on you.

In addition to that, the closer you place the modification to the seam or sewing line, the less alteration to the bikini pattern there would be. To put this in perspective, if you alter the bikini pattern right at the sewing line, you can make the modifications or adjustments you need perfectly without shifting the sewing line and you can keep the alterations made to the sewing line to an absolute minimum. An alteration technique called the seam method was developed using the technique of always making the adjustments along the sewing line. As more designers have continued to work and develop the seam method, there is a certain clarity that in addition to the other benefits, the seam methods allows modifications to be restricted accurately to areas where they are needed and to steer clear of those areas where the change isn’t needed so as to enhance the style and fit and also ensure that the alterations and adjustments are not visible.

Altering bikini pattern to suit your style and size is very essential to achieve a proper and perfect fit. The fitting problem for the bikini usually involves the bust, hips, and waist. As the years roll by, it is not unusual to notice that your body shape and figure changes. As a result of this, it is imperative that you know your body measurement and compare with the bikini pattern plus ease you are using. The ease of the bikini is determined by how close fitting or loose fitting the bikini is.

To achieve a good fit for your bikini pattern to suit your style and size, pattern adjustments and alterations are essential. Modification to the bikini pattern can be achieved through the following ways:

  • by folding out excess fullness on the bikini to make the areas smaller
  • by reducing and draping or overlapping along the sewing line to increase or decrease the bikini pattern dimension
  • by redrawing or reshaping the sewing lines

When the modification to the bikini pattern is restricted to just the sewing line, you will reduce to the barest minimum the likelihood of distortion to the pattern thus keeping the alteration safely away from areas that do not need change.

Think through the process of the adjustments independently, then as it relates to the connecting pattern pieces and to other areas where modification is needed, which you may likely be able to correct simultaneously. It is essential that you make notes so that you can easily make this adjustment on bikini patterns that are similar, and it is imperative that you always remember to make matching modifications on connecting pattern pieces so the sewing line can match.

 When you are done making this alteration to the bikini pattern, carefully check to ensure the following:

  • the amount of alteration is accurate
  • the style of the bikini should remain the same as before the adjustments unless the modification was done to change the style
  • the sewing line should be positioned as it were before the alteration so that the bikini drapes perfectly
  • connecting sewing lines must correspond to the other sewing line
  • the curve sewing line of the bikini must curve smoothly
  • the modified part of the bikini must lie smooth and flat and not bulge, so as to come out as a perfectly altered pattern

A comfortable, attractive and sexy bikini should fit properly on your body, it should neither be too large on your body nor too small and it should fit perfectly to your body without it sagging or wrinkling or without you having to pull, push or toggle with it constantly. Altering bikini pattern to suit your style and size would go a long way to boost your confidence and achieve that sexy look.

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