Pattern Digitizing: 5 Simple Steps to Pattern Digitizing.
The process to pattern digitizing a design or style into a cad system can be a very time consuming and expensive task due to the point by point process that needs to be follow in order to complete the pattern digitizing process. To simplify the pattern digitizing process and cost we will mention 5  simple steps below that can speed up the digitizing process and save you money.

Pattern Digitizing Steps To Save You Money

1.) First Pattern Digitizing Step, you need to have a hard copy or tracing of your design on paper. Paper must be flat for accurate piece digitizing and when sending out your patterns to be digitized make sure all your pattern tracing are visible and marked with hard lines.

2). Second Pattern Digitizing Step, Information, as grain lines and description must be recorded on every piece. You must take the time to provide all these information and write it on each pattern piece, as this information will be useful for yourself for tracking purposes in the future.

3).Third Pattern Digitizing Step, A pattern card must be provided along with fabric description for each piece. Make sure you provide a complete list of all the pieces contained in your pattern or model before submitting your pattern card to your digitizing house as this information will be save into their computer digitizing system as is.

4). Fourth  Pattern Digitizing Step, you must make sure that your pattern or style to be digitized in a cad digitizing system is the correct model, as they will be digitized exactly as submitted. You must know what pieces make your design and do not mix pattern pieces that do not belong to that particular style, as you will be charged for any extra piece digitized. Most pattern digitizing services have a minimum of five to ten pattern pieces minimum charge and a five to ten dollar extra charge per piece after their minimum pattern pieces have been digitized depending on the size and complexity of the pattern piece to be digitized.

5). Fifth Pattern Digitizing Step, once your pattern has been entered into a computer system by a pattern digitizing operator your pattern will not be modified, corrected or changed by the pattern digitizing company as this will normally be a separate service charge to you and done by a professional pattern maker.

In addition, Apparel pattern digitizing is a time consuming process and can be expensive depending on the size of your pattern piece and complexity of your design. To simplify the pattern digitizing process you can follow the 5 simple pattern digitizing steps mentioned above and provide 
accurate information to the pattern digitizing company before beginning the digitizing or scanning process. Corrections to the pattern after it has been digitized will not be made unless they have a professional pattern maker who can assist you with any pattern alterations or corrections and of course, you are willing to pay for that extra service provided by the design house or firm.

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Alejandro Esparza: Founder @ /Professional Pattern Maker/ Technical Designer/ Startup Advisor and acknowledged in the garment industry as authority in pattern making and pattern design process. He has the ability to work with small entrepreneurial companies’ private label customers and large organizations. Alejandro is a graduate of Los Angeles Trade Technical College Fashion Design Program. He has over 25 years of apparel garment industry experience and is part of Expert Ezine Articles Authors community since December 25, 2008 and has published multiple articles about the garment industry. Copyright © by Alejandro Esparza. All Rights Reserved. No part of this article may be copy or used without written Permission from Alejandro Esparza the Author.



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