Pattern Makers: How Pattern Makers Create Patterns For Fashion.
Apparel Pattern makers are a true asset to any company who decides to manufacture a design especially when it comes to fit and correct styling of the design. Not all pattern makers have the same skills to create all designs we all know of as each design has its own technicalities and construction problems.
Pattern Making A Pattern

Pattern Makers are true architects of design when it comes to pattern drafting. Knowing how to create a foundation and how to trace balance lines for a particular design is a key factor for what is to come after a design has been approved for production. How a garment fits or molds around a person’s body is very important as it will dictate whether or not that design is wearable and whether or not the design will sale due to its fit and hanger appeal.

Pattern Makers who specialize in a particular design or market will have the best knowledge about the designs he or she is creating and a good understanding of how the designs should be drafted according to the company’s specifications or clients they are working for. How Pattern Makers create their own patterns and the style of drafting a pattern is quite impressive as each individual pattern maker has a unique manner or style for tracing and drafting a pattern and a unique approach to solving fitting problems for a particular design.

A good pattern maker is always alert to all contributing factors that affect the fit of a garment and the way a garment fits after a pattern has already been created, cut and sewn. Pattern makers work hand to hand with fashion models who try on the designs that pattern makers make and provide to pattern maker with valuable feed back as to how a design fits and whether or not the design needs to be readjusted and re cut for a second or third final fit prior to releasing the pattern for production.

In summation, Pattern makers are genuine artist of fashion. Each pattern maker has a unique way of drafting a particular design and the way in which a pattern maker drafts a pattern is a key factor for well fitting garments after a pattern has been released for production. Pattern makers that specialize in a particular market or design will have the best understanding and knowledge about how to draft a pattern since they are already familiar with all the technicalities and problems involved when creating a specific design.

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Alejandro Esparza: Co-Founder @ smart pattern /Professional Pattern Maker/ Technical Designer/ Startup Advisor and acknowledged in the garment industry as authority in pattern making and pattern design process. He has the ability to work with small entrepreneurial companies’ private label customers and large organizations. Alejandro is a graduate of Los Angeles Trade Technical College Fashion Design Program. He has over 25 years of apparel garment industry experience and is part of Expert Ezine Articles Authors community since December 25, 2008 and has published multiple articles about the garment industry.

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