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Stuck for examples? Try a t-shirt pattern, poncho pattern, crop top pattern or a tank top pattern – we’ve even had halter top patterns – your imagination is the limit!

Custom T-Shirts Pattern Alterations

1). Neck width= Add 1” 
2). Across shoulder = Add 1/2” 
3). Chest 1" below armhole = Add 1” 
4). Bottom opening= Add 1” 
5). Sleeve opening = Add 1/4" 


6). Front neck drop from (H.P.S.) = Drop 3/4" 
7). Back neck drop from (H.P.S) = Bring Up 1/4" 
8). Front length from (H.P.S.) = Add 1" 
9). Center back length= Add 1/2" 
10). Sleeve length from shoulder seam= Remove 1/4"


IMPORTANT: Please write your T-shirts pattern alterations following the format above. Add measuring points that need modifications or delete measuring points that you do not need to modify in your design.


All measurements to be applied around the body are total measurements. Example: if you add 1" to your chest measurement your total chest measurement will increase by 1" inch only around the body.


Fashion industry terminology and abbreviations 

 (H.P.S.)= High point shoulder

How To Request T-Shirts Alterations Template


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