Stuffed Animals And Plush Toys Pattern Clothing Alterations

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At Smart Pattern Making in Los Angeles, CA, we specialize in expert pattern alterations for stuffed animals and plush toys. With over 30 years of experience, we take pride in offering same-day alterations for your beloved companions. Whether it's Waddles the Goose, Cleo Unicorn, Atlas Puppy, Leo Reindeer, Finn Bear, Rose Kitty, Luna Bunny, Basil Bear, Poppy Elephant, or Woodland Princess, we understand the sentimental value these toys hold in your life.

Our skilled team excels in stuffed animal alterations, doll clothing adjustments, soft toy modifications, and plush toy alterations. We cater to various items like teddy bears, stuffed animals, cat plushies, plush toys, dragon plushies, fox plushies, dog plushies, monkey plushies, toy animals, panda plushies, unicorn plushies, doll dress patterns, doll clothes patterns, doll clothing patterns, elephant plushies, bunny plushies, animal plushies, cuddly toys, soft toy tiger, vintage doll clothes, stuffed plushies, doll clothing making, soft toy cat, nursery toys, soft toy bunny, and more.

At Smart Pattern Making, we understand the importance of these cherished companions and provide precise alterations to ensure they continue to bring joy for years to come. Whether it's repairing a tear, adjusting an outfit, or enhancing their appearance, we are dedicated to preserving the memories attached to these treasured toys. Trust us to provide meticulous alterations that exceed your expectations and honor the bond you share with your beloved plush companions.


  1. Custom Alterations: We offer personalized alterations tailored to your specific stuffed animals and plush toys, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced appearance.
  2. Prompt Turnaround: Our same-day alteration service ensures quick modifications, allowing you to enjoy your cherished companions without delay.
  3. Expert Craftsmanship: Our skilled team employs precision techniques and attention to detail to deliver high-quality alterations for your stuffed animals and plush toys.
  4. Comprehensive Range: We cater to a diverse range of alterations, including doll clothing adjustments, plush toy modifications, and soft toy alterations, providing a one-stop solution for all your needs.


  1. Preservation of Memories: Our alterations help preserve the memories attached to your cherished toys, ensuring they continue to bring joy for years to come.
  2. Enhanced Durability: Through expert alterations, we improve the longevity and resilience of your stuffed animals and plush toys, allowing you to enjoy them for an extended period.
  3. Customized Fit: Your toys will benefit from a customized fit, providing a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  4. Convenience: With our prompt turnaround and comprehensive range of services, you can conveniently address all your alteration needs in one place.

How to get started:

To begin with Stuffed Animals pattern alterations, you'll require:

  • Stuffed Animals patterns and templates, including digital versions
  • Measuring tape and rulers
  • A clear understanding of the desired alterations
  • Documenting the alterations using an Excel or Word document
  • Identifying points of measurement such as the chest, waist, hips, and any other relevant areas based on the specific requirements of your stuffed animal pattern alterations.

How to Place Order:

To place an order follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select all pattern pieces contained in your design above
  2. Type in the QTY. Box total patterns you are submitting
  3. Next, Click -Add To Cart- and get your pattern modified!

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      Examples of Stuffed Animals Pattern Alterations Requests

      1. Enlarging the size of a teddy bear's overalls to accommodate a larger plush toy.
      2. Adjusting the length of a unicorn's tail for a more proportionate appearance.
      3. Modifying the width of a bunny's dress for a better fit.
      4. Altering the length of a giraffe's scarf for aesthetic appeal.
      5. Adding a pocket to a bear's outfit for a playful touch.
      6. Resizing a cat plushie's sweater to fit a different plush toy.
      7. Customizing a dragon plushie's wings for a unique look.
      8. Adjusting the neckline of a dog plushie's collar for comfort.
      9. Altering the fit of a monkey plushie's t-shirt for a snugger appearance.
      10. Modifying the sleeves of a panda plushie's jacket for a better range of motion.
      11. Tailoring the dress pattern for an elephant plushie for a more elegant design.
      12. Adjusting the length of a fox plushie's pants for a neater appearance.
      13. Enlarging the hat size for a teddy bear with a larger head.
      14. Shortening the straps of a doll's backpack for better functionality.
      15. Altering the size of a bunny plushie's bow for a proportional look.
      16. Customizing the fit of a tiger plushie's coat for a sleek appearance.
      17. Modifying the length of a vintage doll's dress for a modern update.
      18. Adjusting the fit of a plushie's onesie for improved comfort.
      19. Tailoring the clothing pattern for a unicorn plushie for a more tailored appearance.
      20. Resizing a stuffed animal's hoodie for a better fit.

      Staff Animals Measuring Points

      When measuring stuffed animals for alterations, it's essential to consider various points to ensure precise and accurate modifications. Some key measuring points for stuffed animals may include:

      Measuring Point Description
      Length Measure from the top of the head to the base of the tail for animals with tails, or to the bottom for tailless animals.
      Chest/Girth Measure the widest part of the animal's chest or body to ensure clothing or alterations fit comfortably.
      Neck Measure around the neck where a collar would typically sit to ensure a proper fit for neck accessories or clothing.
      Leg Length Measure from the hip joint to the ankle for hind legs and from the shoulder joint to the ankle for front legs.
      Arm Length Measure from the shoulder joint to the wrist or paw for accurate sleeve length adjustments.
      Head Circumference Measure around the widest part of the head to ensure proper fitting of hats or hoods.
      Waist Measure around the narrowest part of the waist for clothing alterations.
      Shoulder Width Measure from the top of one shoulder to the top of the opposite shoulder for garments with shoulder seams.
      Back Length Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail for back length alterations.
      Belly Circumference Measure around the widest part of the belly for garments that need to fit around the midsection.
      Hip Circumference Measure around the widest part of the hips to ensure proper fitting for bottoms or outfits that cover the hips.
      Tail Length Measure the length of the tail, if applicable, to accommodate alterations or accessories.
      Ear Length Measure the length of the ears from base to tip for accurate fitting of headgear or alterations around the head.
      Ear Width Measure the width of the ears to ensure proper placement of accessories or alterations around the head.
      Paw/Hand Length Measure from the wrist to the tip of the paw or hand for accurate sleeve or glove alterations.
      Paw/Hand Width Measure the widest part of the paw or hand to ensure proper fitting of gloves or alterations around the paws.
      Horn Length For animals with horns or antlers, measure the length for alterations or headgear fitting.
      Horn Circumference Measure around the base of horns or antlers for proper fitting of accessories or alterations.
      Wing Span For winged animals, measure the distance from one extended wingtip to the other for accurate alterations or accessory fitting.
      Tummy to Tail Length Measure from the widest part of the tummy to the base of the tail for accurate garment fitting.
      Thigh Circumference Measure around the widest part of the thigh for alterations or fitting of garments around the legs.
      Nose to Tail Length Measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail for full body length alterations.
      Nose Circumference Measure around the widest part of the nose for accurate fitting of headgear or alterations around the head.
      Horn Height Measure the height of horns or antlers for proper placement of headgear or alterations.
      Back Width Measure the width of the back at the widest point for accurate fitting of garments or alterations.

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