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This all started with that first idea you had…

Then you transformed that vision into your design – your fashion blueprint. You dreamt of seeing your Shorts Marker worn on strangers everywhere out in public – there is no higher praise… 

So patterns were created, marker patterns have been made, now you’re ready for the next step, but you’ve heard some alarming stories about marker plotting…

  • Marker plotters are ludicrously expensive upfront
  • You’ll be left waiting ages for marker duplicates
  • Not to mention the drawn-out, laborious process of learning to navigate the software

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Let our pattern printing service help you with painless Marker Plotting…

Our state-of-the-art marker plotters can cost $20,000 to purchase alone – with maintenance bills running into the thousands… 

We bring this same industry-leading Gerber printer equipment to your fingertips so you can have any marker printed or duplicated at a fraction of the cost.

These cutting-edge industrial marker plotters handle marker widths up to 72 inches and continuously print and copy as many markers or patterns as you need on any given day. 

We use a Gerber Printing system that automatically calculates the yardage you need and accelerates your workflow ultimately increasing your cutting quality.

AutoCAD printing increases your efficiency and reduces wastage with your printing files when it comes to cutting. Imagine the effect on your profits!

This means our pattern printing service can print your patterns and duplicates faster and more accurately than even the most experienced by-hand plotters and tracers ever could, all while staying uniquely affordable.

Plus our experts create a bespoke, digital file of your marker – so whenever you need the same order, we can quickly print and send out new marker copies for you at the click of a button.

We’ll plan together and set our marker plotters to the task of making your business run as smoothly as our plotters do.

As your printing company, we cater to your fashion printing, sewing pattern printing, pattern duplicates, and many other pattern printing service…

Chat with our pattern printing company now to help you realize faster speed to market and get your pattern printing paper printed!

Stuck for example? Try a boxer shorts marker, booty shorts marker, Capri marker pattern, or a board shorts pattern – boy shorts patterns or girls – your imagination is the limit!

We’re here, ready and waiting for you – let’s get started now!


Easy To Use- because you can place an order online 24/7. 
Fast Delivery-because your patterns get printed the next day. 
Free Shipping- because you do not need to pay for delivery. 
Large Printing- because you can print designs up to 70" wide. 
All File Formats-because you can print DXF, ZIP,-Ai, PDF... 
Saves You Money- because you get not costly printer contracts. 
Less Hassle- because you work less and focus on your business. 
Reliable Service- because you work with a reputable company.



  •  Printer cost $15K to $20K. 
  • Installation cost $600 
  •  Monthly paper cost: $100
  •  Monthly Ink cartridges $40
  •  Yearly maintenance $600 
  • Yearly broken parts $600  
  • Yearly headaches 360
  • ------------------------------
  • The upfront cost for a printer-$0 
  • Roll of paper cost per month-$0
  • Monthly ink cartridges cost-$0
  • Yearly maintenance cost-$0
  • Yearly broken parts cost-$0
  • Pay for what you need only
  • Yearly headaches maybe 1 :)



  • Sports apparel
  • Casual Wear
  • Athleisure
  • Yoga clothing
  • Golf apparel
  • Running apparel
  • Accessories
  • Activewear
  • Cycling apparel
  • Yoga apparel
  • Plus size apparel
  • Restaurant apparel
  • Medical apparel
  • eyewear
  • Soccer
  • Furniture
  • Shoe
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal industry
  • Glass industry
  • Safety apparel

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