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This off-shoulder crop top fashion sketch template is perfect for fashion designers and brand owners looking to create stylish and trendy designs. Whether you want to create a white off-shoulder top with ruffles or experiment with different colors and patterns like black, red, pink, or floral, this template has got you covered. With both front and back views, you can easily visualize your design and create professional spec sheets or tech packs. Download the Illustrator file and start bringing your fashion ideas to life!


- Off Shoulder Crop Top design template

- Front and back view for complete detailing

- Vector format for easy customization

- Downloadable in Illustrator format


- Perfect for fashion designers and brand owners

- Create personalized off-shoulder top with ruffles designs

- Save time and effort with a ready-to-use template

- Customize the design to match your brand's aesthetic

- Professional and high-quality sketches for spec sheets and tech packs


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Frequently Asked Off Shoulder Tops Questions FAQ(s)

Who should wear off-shoulder tops?

Answer: Off-shoulder tops can be worn by anyone who wants to show off their shoulders and collarbones. They are particularly flattering for those with narrow shoulders or a smaller bust, as they create the illusion of broader shoulders and can add volume to the upper body. However, anyone can rock an off-shoulder top and embrace this trendy and stylish look.

Why wear off-the-shoulder tops?

Answer: Off-shoulder tops are a popular fashion choice because they are stylish and flattering. They can show off your shoulders and collarbone, creating a feminine and romantic look. They are also versatile and can be dressed up or down for various occasions. Additionally, they can help keep you cool in warmer weather while still looking fashionable.

Do people still wear off-the-shoulder tops?

Answer: Yes, off-the-shoulder tops are still a popular fashion trend. They continue to be worn by many people and are often seen in fashion magazines and on social media.

How do you wear a bra with an off-the-shoulder top?

Answer: There are a few options for wearing a bra with an off-the-shoulder top. One option is to wear a strapless bra that stays in place and provides support. Another option is to wear a bra with clear or removable straps that can be adjusted to fit the off-the-shoulder style. Some people also choose to wear adhesive bras or bralettes that provide coverage and support without straps. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference and the specific style of the off-the-shoulder top.

Can off-shoulder tops be worn on the shoulder?

Answer: Off-shoulder tops are designed to be worn off the shoulder, exposing the shoulders and collarbone. However, some off-shoulder tops can also be worn on the shoulder for a different look. It ultimately depends on the style and fit of the top.

What body type has broad shoulders?

Answer: Broad shoulders are typically associated with an inverted triangle body shape. This body type has broader shoulders and narrower hips, so it's important to choose clothing that balances out the proportions and draws attention away from the shoulders.

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