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When it comes to expert pattern alterations for your headwear, Smart Pattern Making in Los Angeles, CA, offers unparalleled services with over 30 years of experience. Whether you're seeking same-day alterations or precise adjustments, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch alterations for a wide range of headwear, including wool hats, winter hats, wide brim hats, straw hats, trucker caps, sun hats, sports caps, snapback caps, running caps, newsboy hats, mesh caps, golf caps, flexfit caps, flat brim caps, fitted caps, fedora hats, embroidered caps, dad caps, curved brim caps, cowboy hats, bucket hats, beret hats, beanie hats, and baseball caps.

Our professional and timely alteration solutions ensure that your headwear fits perfectly and reflects your individual style. With meticulous attention to detail, our alterations guarantee a flawless fit and personalized style for your hats and caps. From fashion fit alterations to apparel alterations, we specialize in providing expert pattern alteration services to meet your specific needs.

At Smart Pattern Making, we understand the importance of precise and professional alterations for your headwear. Our skilled artisans and extensive experience ensure high-quality modifications tailored to your unique fashion preferences and functional requirements. Whether you need adjustments for embroidered caps, trucker caps, or fedora hats, our alteration services are designed to preserve the integrity and aesthetics of each design.


  • Precise Tailoring: Our cap alteration services ensure meticulous attention to detail, allowing for tailored adjustments to various headwear, including dad caps, fitted caps, and curved brim caps, ensuring a perfect fit and personalized style just for you.

  • Professional Expertise: With our skilled artisans and extensive experience, our alteration services guarantee high-quality modifications for a diverse range of headwear, from baseball caps to bucket hats, preserving the integrity and aesthetics of each design to meet your specific requirements.

  • Timely Solutions: Our alteration services provide swift and efficient solutions, including same-day alterations, addressing urgent modification needs for a wide variety of headwear, from sun hats to trucker caps, ensuring a seamless experience for you.


  • Enhanced Comfort and Fit: Tailored alterations ensure a comfortable and secure fit, enhancing the overall wearing experience for headwear like fitted caps and sun hats, tailored specifically for your comfort.

  • Personalized Style: Our customized alterations allow you to express your unique fashion sense through your headwear, from snapback caps to cowboy hats, showcasing your individuality and personal flair in every detail.

  • Professional Finish: Expert alterations provide a polished and refined look, elevating the appearance of the headwear, be it a baseball cap or a bucket hat, to reflect your style seamlessly.

  • Improved Functionality: Precise alterations optimize the functionality of the headwear, ensuring it serves its intended purpose effectively, whether it's a curved brim cap or a fedora hat, meeting your specific functional needs.

How to get started:

To begin with hat or cap pattern alterations, you'll require:

  • hat or cap patterns and templates, including digital versions
  • Measuring tape and rulers
  • A clear understanding of the desired alterations
  • Documenting the alterations using an Excel or Word document
  • Identifying points of measurement such as head circumference, head length, and any other relevant areas based on the specific requirements of your hat or cap pattern alterations.

How to Place Order:

To place an order follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select all pattern pieces contained in your design above
  2. Type in the QTY. Box total patterns you are submitting
  3. Next, Click -Add To Cart- and get your pattern modified!

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      Examples of Hats Pattern Alterations Requests

      1. Brim Size Adjustment: Modifying the pattern to increase or decrease the width of the brim to achieve a different look or provide varying levels of sun protection.

      2. Crown Height Modification: Altering the pattern to adjust the height of the crown, making it taller or shorter based on individual preferences.

      3. Hat Band Addition or Removal: Adapting the pattern to include or exclude a band around the base of the hat, altering its width and style as desired.

      4. Conversion to Wide-Brimmed Style: Modifying the pattern to transform a standard hat into a wide-brimmed design for enhanced sun coverage.

      5. Customization for Special Occasion: Adding embellishments, such as flowers, ribbons, or decorative stitching, to the pattern to tailor the hat for a specific event or occasion.

      6. Adjustment for Wind Resistance: Incorporating pattern modifications to include straps or ties to secure the hat during windy conditions.

      7. Incorporation of Ventilation: Altering the pattern to include mesh panels or other ventilation features for improved breathability.

      8. Customization for Outdoor Activity: Adapting the pattern to suit specific outdoor activities, such as adding a neck flap for fishing or a chin cord for hiking.

      9. Altering Hat Size: Scaling the pattern up or down to accommodate different head sizes, ensuring a proper and comfortable fit.

      10. Change in Hat Shape: Modifying the pattern to change the crown shape, such as from round to teardrop or fedora style.

      Hat and Cap Measuring points

      Measurement Description
      Head Circumference Measure around the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows.
      Head Length Measure from the center of your forehead to the base of your skull.
      Head Width Measure from one side of your head to the other, passing over the very top of your head.
      Crown Height Measure from the base of your skull to the highest point on your head.
      Brim Length Measure the desired length of the brim, typically from the front of the cap to the side.
      Brim Width Measure the width of the brim, from the edge to where it meets the cap.
      Ear-to-Ear Measure from one ear, over the top of your head, to the opposite ear.

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