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With over 30 Years Experience, our team at Smart Pattern Making Converting Experts has got your back for all your CAD conversions needs, especially when you're looking to switch from Tukatech CAD to formats like Illustrator. Right here in California, and specifically in Los Angeles, we're well-equipped to support your work in both the manufacturing industry and the fashion industry. If you need to convert Tukatech to Illustrator or require a Tukatech DXF to Illustrator conversion, our converting service is tailor-made for you, ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way.

We know how crucial time is for you, which is why we offer Same day Expert Conversions. Our experts use the latest Tukatech to Illustrator conversion tools and CAD software to ensure your CAD files are converted accurately and swiftly. Whether it's AutoCAD, Tukatech marker to Illustrator, or any CAD file conversion, you can count on us. When you convert Tuka files with us, you're choosing a service backed by years of expertise and a profound understanding of what your industry demands.

Choosing Smart Pattern Making Converting Experts means you're opting for a converting service dedicated to enhancing your workflow. Our online file conversion and CAD conversion solutions are designed to make your designs ready to use and fully optimized. From Tukatech pattern conversion to Illustrator to adapting CAD file formats perfectly, we're here to help. Let us take the hassle out of conversions for you, connecting Tukatech CAD with Illustrator to streamline your projects and elevate the quality of your work.

Need to transform Tukatech CAD into Illustrator quickly and accurately? Reach out to Smart Pattern Making Converting Experts today and let our experts enhance your design workflow!



Same day conversions: Our Tukatech DXF to Ai service ensures your conversions are completed within the same day, reducing project delays and keeping you on track. Enhanced productivity: With our same-day service, your projects progress quickly, minimizing downtime and keeping your timelines tight.
Compatibility with other CAD Programs and software: Our converting service seamlessly works with a myriad of CAD software, making your Tukatech DXF to Ai conversions fit perfectly into any workflow. Seamless integration: Our service's broad compatibility with CAD programs ensures easy integration of converted files, enhancing your workflow efficiency.
Tukatech DXF to Ai precision: We handle each conversion with the highest accuracy, ensuring no detail of your Tukatech files is lost, from DXF to Illustrator. Maintained design integrity: Our precise conversions guarantee your original design quality is upheld, ensuring your final product meets your high standards.
Expert support throughout the conversion process: Our team offers comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring you get the most out of our Tukatech DXF to Illustrator converting services. Expert guidance: Access to our specialists not only promises high-quality conversions but also provides valuable insights to optimize your CAD processes further.

How to Place Order:

1). Select Total pattern PCS Contained in Your File above
2). Type In QTY. box Total sizes to be converted
3). Click the Add to Cart blue button & complete the checkout
4). Check for a confirmation e-mail that we sent you
5). Upload File(s) to email and get your file(s) converted!



All Files Submitted Must Include All The Components Listed Below.
Net Size
The pattern reflects NET measurements (NO Shrinkage added).
Seam Allowances
Every pattern piece must have seam allowances added to the pattern.
Square Test Block
4" X 4”(inches)  square test block must be included in all files.


We are not responsible for troubleshooting conversion problems that may arise with other CAD systems.
Error Messages:
Inexperienced CAD operators or inadequate training might cause "Error Messages" to be displayed on the user's computer while trying to open converted files.
Unlicensed Software:
Unlicensed (Pirated) software may create unexpected problems.
Software Incompatibility:
Old software might lack many important components to open your files.
File Mapping Issues:
Changing mapping requirements that may occur between numerous DXF standards.

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