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With over 30 Years Experience, Smart Pattern Making Converting Experts is your go-to team for CAD conversions, especially from Tukatech to Gerber. Located right in California, more specifically Los Angeles, we're here to understand and meet your unique needs within both the manufacturing industry and the fashion industry. If you need to convert Tukatech to Gerber or require Tukatech pattern to Gerber conversions, our converting service is crafted just for you, ensuring precision and efficiency in every job.

Thanks to our same day Expert Conversions, you can rely on us for fast and dependable service. Utilizing advanced Tukatech to Gerber converter tools and the latest CAD software, we guarantee your CAD files are converted accurately and quickly. Our conversion service isn't merely about changing file formats; it's aimed at optimizing your workflow to save you significant time and resources. Whether you're dealing with AutoCAD, looking for Tukatech DXF to Gerber conversions, or need any other CAD file conversion, you've got our experts ready to assist.

At Smart Pattern Making Converting Experts, we're dedicated to providing a comprehensive converting service that goes beyond simple conversions. Our online file conversion platform allows you to convert files easily, wherever you are, whenever you need. With our deep expertise in CAD conversion and CAD converter technology, we're here to optimize files and enhance your design process. From Tukatech pattern conversions to employing the Tukatech to Gerber conversion tool, you can count on us to deliver superior s

Ready to streamline your CAD workflow? Contact Smart Pattern Making Converting Experts today for fast, precise Tukatech to Gerber conversions!



Same day conversions: Our service guarantees Tukatech DXF to Gerber conversions within the same day, significantly minimizing downtime and keeping your critical projects moving forward on schedule. Enhanced productivity: With our same-day conversion capability, you can accelerate your project timelines, ensuring swift progress and reducing waiting times.
Compatibility with other CAD Programs and software: Designed for seamless integration, our conversions fit perfectly with a broad range of CAD software, enhancing your existing workflows without hassle. Seamless integration: Our service's compatibility with various CAD programs and software means you can integrate converted files effortlessly, boosting your workflow's efficiency and flexibility.
Precision in conversion: We handle each Tukatech DXF to Gerber conversion with the highest level of accuracy, ensuring that every detail of your original design is preserved without loss. Maintained design integrity: Our precise conversion process guarantees that the integrity of your original design is maintained, ensuring high-quality results that meet your standards.
Expert support: Our team of conversion specialists offers comprehensive guidance and support throughout your entire Tukatech DXF to Gerber conversion process, ensuring you get the most out of our services. Expert guidance: Leveraging our team's extensive expertise not only secures high-quality conversions but also provides valuable insights to optimize your CAD processes for better outcomes.

How to Place Order:

1). Select Total pattern PCS Contained in Your File above
2). Type In QTY. box Total sizes to be converted
3). Click the Add to Cart blue button & complete the checkout
4). Check for a confirmation e-mail that we sent you
5). Upload File(s) to email and get your file(s) converted!



  • All Files Submitted Must Include All The Components Listed Below.
  • Net Size The pattern reflects NET measurements (NO Shrinkage added).
  • Seam Allowances Every pattern piece must have seam allowances added to the pattern.
  • Square Test Block An 8” X 8” square test block must be included in all files.


  • We are not responsible for troubleshooting conversion problems that may arise with other CAD systems.
  • Error Messages: Inexperienced CAD operators or inadequate training might cause "Error Messages" to be displayed on the user's computer while trying to open converted files.
  • Unlicensed Software: Unlicensed (Pirated) software may create unexpected problems.
  • Software Incompatibility: Old software might lack many important components to open your files.
  • File Mapping Issues: Changing mapping requirements that may occur between numerous DXF standards.

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