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Would you like to avoid the heartbreak of losing your designs to a buggy and corrupted DXF File when converting?

You no longer need to risk wrecking your carefully crafted designs with a DXF format file display that:

  • scatters information
  • scatters symbols
  • and ruins your seam with double lines

We bring industry leading expertise to your fingertips – that’s why customers have been endorsing our results with DXF drawing and DXF designs for over twenty years!

It’s our business to improve your business. We’ll troubleshoot your CAD system files and get them corrected with our tested DXF CAD file conversions.

We’ll get into your DXF patterns and make them work just as you intended, ironing out your DXF file format designs to be in line with your vision.

Stuck needing a DXF to PDF conversion? Let our DXF model help…

Need a Quick Turnaround?

Typically, we transfer files just EIGHT HOURS after we confirm that our DXF in AutoCAD system can read them – getting you SAME DAY turnaround in most cases.

In this time, our experts undertake model-piece-info verification, CAD system set up, DXF converter verification and a lot more to ensure your file is accurate, readable and works just as you intended

Don’t let your success be limited by file formats…

Using our DXF export you can create many DXF versions:

  • DXF to Gerber
  • DXF to PDF
  • DXF to AI
  • DXF to EPS

Get your DXF converted with our DXF file converter now!

Got questions? Wondering what is DXF file format? What is DXF used for? Is DXF a vector file? What are DXF files used for? What does DXF stand for? Looking for a DXF example file? Or what are DXF files? How to carry out a DXF import? How to use a DXF illustrator?

We’ve got you covered – throw our friendly advisors a question in the chat and we’d be delighted to help!


Step 1). Choose all pattern pieces that need to be converted.
Step 2). Next, Select total sizes to convert in your DXF File.
Step 3). Click -Add To Cart- and convert all your DXF files!


DXF File To Illustrator

Need to convert your DXF file to illustrator format so other CAD Systems can open or read your files? No problem, We specialize in digital file converting services and can convert all your DXF file patterns to illustrator format today (Get Started Now)

All Files Submitted Must Include All The Components Listed Below.
Net Size
The pattern reflects NET measurements (NO Shrinkage added).
Seam Allowances
Every pattern piece must have seam allowances added to the pattern.
Square Test Block
A 8” X 8” square test block must be included in all files.

We are Not Responsible For Troubleshooting Conversion Problems That May Arise With Other CAD Systems.
Error Messages:
Inexperienced CAD operators or inadequate training might cause "Error Messages" to be displayed on the user's computer while trying to open converted files.
Unlicensed Software:
Unlicensed (Pirated) software may create unexpected problems.
Software Incompatibility:
Old software might lack many important components to open your files.
File Mapping Issues:
Changing mapping requirements that may occur between numerous DXF standards.

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