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Are you looking for expert pattern alterations for your bikinis in Los Angeles, CA? Look no further! With over 30 years of experience, our skilled professionals specialize in providing top-notch bikini pattern alterations tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it's a Triangle bikini, Halterneck bikini, Bandeau bikini, High-waisted bikini, String bikini, Brazilian bikini, Microkini, Tankini, Monokini, or Push-up bikini, we have the expertise to ensure your swimwear fits you perfectly.

We understand the importance of quick service, which is why we offer same-day alterations for your convenience. No need to wait long for the perfect fit!

Our services extend beyond just bikinis. If you're in need of clothing alterations near me, apparel alterations, bra crochet pattern, fashion alterations, triangle top pattern, tankini pattern, string bikini pattern, halter bikini top pattern, sewing pattern alterations, or pattern alterations, we've got you covered.

Trust us to provide precise and professional alterations, ensuring your bikinis and other garments fit flawlessly. Experience the difference with our expert services in bikini pattern alterations today!


  1. Advanced Technology Integration: We utilize cutting-edge CAD systems to ensure precise and efficient bikini alterations tailored to your needs.
  2. Compatibility with Other CAD Systems: Our system seamlessly integrates with various CAD platforms, optimizing the accuracy and effectiveness of your bikini alterations.
  3. Customized Fitting: Experience alterations tailored to your unique body shape and preferences, ensuring a perfect and personalized fit.
  4. Wide Range of Bikini Types: From Triangle bikinis to Push-up bikinis, we cater to various styles, providing comprehensive alteration solutions.


  1. Time-saving: Our efficient use of technology allows for quick alterations, saving you valuable time and ensuring prompt results.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: We offer competitive pricing, delivering high-quality alterations without compromising your budget.
  3. Perfect Fit: Enjoy swimwear that fits you flawlessly, enhancing your comfort, confidence, and overall beach experience.
  4. Professional Results: Experience the expertise of seasoned professionals, guaranteeing top-notch alterations that meet your specific requirements.

How to get started:

To begin with bikini pattern alterations, you'll require:

  • Bikini patterns and templates, including digital versions
  • Measuring tape and rulers
  • A clear understanding of the desired alterations
  • Documenting the alterations using an Excel or Word document
  • Identification of Measurement Points: Identify key points of measurement such as bust, waist, hips, and any other relevant areas based on the specific requirements of your bikini pattern alterations

How to Place Order:

To place an order follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select all pattern pieces contained in your design above
  2. Type in the QTY. Box total patterns you are submitting
  3. Next, Click -Add To Cart- and get your pattern modified!

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       Examples of Bikini Pattern Alterations Requests

      1. Raising or Lowering Neckline: Requesting alterations to raise or lower the neckline of the bikini top for a different look or coverage.
      2. Lengthening or Shortening Straps: Requesting alterations to adjust the length of the straps on the bikini top for a more customized fit.
      3. Adding or Removing Ruching: Requesting alterations to add or remove ruching details on the bikini bottoms for a different aesthetic.
      4. Conversion to High-Waisted Style: Requesting alterations to convert a standard bikini bottom into a high-waisted style for added coverage.
      5. Customization for Plus Size: Requesting alterations to adjust the bikini pattern to fit plus-size measurements for enhanced comfort and style.
      6. Enhancement of Side Coverage: Seeking alterations to enhance the side coverage of the bikini bottoms for a more secure fit.
      7. Incorporation of Mesh Panels: Requesting alterations to incorporate mesh panels into the bikini design for a trendy and breathable element.
      8. Customization for Athletic Performance: Seeking alterations to the bikini pattern to enhance performance, such as adding features for competitive swimming or water sports.
      9. Altering Cup Size: Requesting alterations to adjust the cup size of the bikini top for a more accurate and comfortable fit.
      10. Conversion to Cross-Back Style: Requesting alterations to convert a traditional back closure to a cross-back design for added support.
      11. Incorporation of Adjustable Features: Requesting alterations to include adjustable elements like ties or straps for a more customizable fit.
      12. Conversion to Reversible Design: Requesting alterations to create a reversible bikini with different patterns or colors on each side.
      13. Adjustment for Scuba Diving: Seeking alterations to the bikini pattern for scuba diving, including secure closures and durable materials.
      14. Incorporation of UV-Protective Fabric: Requesting alterations to include UV-protective fabric in the bikini design for sun safety.

      Bikinis Measuring Points

      Measuring Point Description
      Bust The fullest part of the chest, usually measured around the chest at nipple level.
      Underbust The area just below the bust, where the band of the bikini top typically sits.
      Waist The narrowest part of the torso, typically above the belly button and below the ribcage.
      Hips The fullest part of the hips, usually measured around the buttocks at hip bone level.
      Cup size The measurement around the fullest part of the bust, used to determine cup size in bikini tops.
      Torso length The measurement from the shoulder to the top of the bikini bottom at the center front.
      Shoulder width The distance across the top of the shoulders, from the base of the neck to the edge of the shoulder.
      Back width The measurement across the back from one underarm to the other.
      Neckline width The width of the neckline of the bikini top, measured from one shoulder to the other.
      Armhole circumference The measurement around the armhole of the bikini top, providing an indication of arm comfort and fit.
      Front rise The measurement from the crotch of the bikini bottom to the top of the waistband at the front.
      Back rise The measurement from the crotch of the bikini bottom to the top of the waistband at the back.
      Thigh circumference The circumference of the thigh at the crotch level, important for bikini bottom fit.
      Leg opening circumference The measurement around the leg opening of the bikini bottom, ensuring comfortable fit around the leg.
      Center front length The length of the center front of the bikini top, from the neckline to the bottom edge.
      Side seam length The length of the side seam of the bikini top or bottom, from the underarm to the waistband or hem.
      Bottom coverage width The width of the front or back coverage of the bikini bottom, ensuring adequate coverage.
      Bottom coverage length The length of the front or back coverage of the bikini bottom, from waistband to leg opening.
      Strap length The length of the shoulder strap, ensuring comfortable fit and support.
      Strap placement The position and distance of the straps from the center front and back of the bikini top, ensuring proper support and fit.

      These measuring points are crucial for creating well-fitting and comfortable bikinis tailored to individual body shapes.

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