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Have a pattern piece that is more than 48" wide in width or length and need to digitize it? No problem, add our Digitizing Split Panel Stitching Services to your digitizing order to cut and stitch your big panel pattern piece so you will be able to print it as a complete one piece big panel.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is an additional service offered in our digitizing services and an extra cost to you to cut and stitch your big pattern pieces or panels and pay per every pattern piece or panel that is cut and stitched in the computer.

 Example: You have a pattern piece or panel template for a car side panel and is 15 ft long that means that we will need to split your pattern into sections to be able to digitize the dimensions of your car side panel template.

Pattern Digitizing Disclaimer:
This service is provided for designs or patterns that are a copy of your original design only. If your pattern(s) needs to be cut out or are already cut out we will digitize them all and destroy all pattern pieces after the digitizing process is finished by using our industrial paper shredder. This process will save you money by not having us to FedEx back your patterns and pay for handling and shipping.
You must have your original pattern with you and you must just send to us a paper pattern copy only. We will not be responsible if you sent to us your original pattern to be digitized.


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