(FAQ ) Frequently Asked Questions
What is your shipping Address?
ATTN: Alejandro Esparza

Company Name: Smart Pattern Making

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Do you offer FREE shipping for all USA?
Yes, We do. We offer FREE UPS expedited shipping to 48 CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY.

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, We do. We offer International shipping for THESE COUNTRIES

What shipping carriers do you use?
We use FedEx and UPS carrieers

Do you provide full package pattern making services?
Yes, we do. We provide Full package pattern making services for the creation of any given design or product before manufacturing or presenting your design(s) to a potential buyer.

Are you a manufacturing company?
No, We are not a manufacturing company. We are strictly a full package pattern making and design service company. We can help you with the most difficult process before manufacturing your design which is creating all the jobs needed to create a ready for production design.

Do you sell or provide fabric for my designs?
No, We do not sell or do fabric sourcing for any of our clients. Fabric sourcing is a job in itself and is done usually by the designer or company that wants to create a design.

Do you know any sewing contractors?
We do not work with sewing contractors since we do not do production sewing. Also, Not all sewing contractors have the same machinery to do all types of garment construction. Finding a sewing contractor is a research process that is usually done after you have completed full package pattern design services and you have all the component needed to manufacture your design.

Do I need to provide you all the trims for my designs?
Yes, you need to provide us with all the necessary components for your design or project before we can start the design process. We do not sell any type of trims.

Can you give me a price quote via email or by phone?
Giving quotes by phone or email is not a reliable way to get a true cost estimate. We need to have on our hands actual sample or design(s) you would like to create for us to be able to provide you with a cost estimate that makes sense and is not 100(s) of dollars way off from original quote given.

Do you work with start-ups?
Yes, we do.

Can you create prototype patterns?
Yes, we can.

Do you provide consulting services?
Yes, we do.

Can I make a pair of jeans with you?
Yes, you can.

Can I email my designs to my overseas manufacturer?
Yes, you can.

Do you use Gerber Accumark?
Yes, we do. We use the latest state of the art Gerber Accumark CAD Software

How much money do fashion firms spend when they create a design?
It is unpredictable to say how much as a rule companies spend in the creation of a given design since they are obligated to pay all the salaries of their design team members and problems always arise in the pre- production process causing companies to delay the design process and spend more money. Typically speaking around the 6 to 8 thousands for a basic design if not more

DXF Converter
Can you convert my Gerber design(s) to PDF format?
Yes, we can.

Can you convert my Gerber design(s) to DXF format?
Yes, We Can.

Can you convert my Gerber design(s) to Illustrator format?
Yes, we can.

Can you convert my DXF design(s) to Gerber format?
Yes, we can.

Can you convert my Tukatech DXF design(s) to Gerber format?
yes, we can.

Can you convert my Optitex DXF design(s) to Gerber format?
yes, we can.

Can you digitize non apparel patterns?
Yes, we can.

Do file conversions tranfer all data from digitized patterns?
When we digitize your patterns our Gerber CAD system will keep all original digized data as a Gerber ZIP file however, when converting files to other formats not all information is always transferrable to another CAD program or system.

Example: converting Gerber files that contain pucholes to PDF or illustrator format.

Punch holes, will not transfer to PDF or illustrator as there are certain restrictions and rules used by each cad program.

In this case we can manually add punch holes in the conversion process to your PDF file so you can see punch holes on your patterns.

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