Zipper Fly/ Plus Size Jeans Fly Template

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Need to download a plus size PDF zipper fly piece, mockup, or template for a project or design? If so, get your jeans fly pattern template here. Join Our Community and Subscribe to receive our latest patterns releases, new How-To-Articles, FREE pattern templates plus more...

Zipper Fly Template/Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fly facing template have attached sewing instructions?
No, it does not.

Can I download the jeans fly template to my cell phone or Ipad?
We do not recommend downloading this file to your cell phone or iPad unless you are a computer savvy or technical person. All files were designed to be opened by a desktop or laptop computer only. IPads do not have the same capability to open files like a desktop or laptop computer can.

Can I print this PDF zipper fly pattern from home?

Yes, you can.

Can I edit the illustrator zipper Fly Template using CS6 Ai Version?

Yes, you can.

How do I find my jeans' zipper fly files that I downloaded?

Here is the path to find your files: First, go to your computer- Download Folder- and look for all the below files inside your download folder

What computer or CAD program can open combo zipper fly pattern files?
Windows computers can open our PDF files.
illustrator program CS5 and above.
Gerber CAD system 9.0 and above.
And any other CAD System that has the capability to import DXF files.

What is the file size for the fly front zipper pattern?
The file size is less than 1 MB (Megabyte)

My computer says its a big file and does not let me download the file
You must have at least 5 MB (Megabytes) of free storage on your computer.
Our file is a compressed file and not bigger than 2 megabytes in size.
Also, you can try using a different computer or laptop to save your file or
download it to an external hard drive which might have more internal storage space

Does the PDF zipper fly pattern have seam allowances?
Yes, it does.

What's inside of the PDF zipper pattern template file?
You have 2 pattern templates
1 fly facing
1 Fly Extension
1 Square test block dimensions (2 in x 2 in.) or( 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm)

Does the Ai pattern template has seam allowances?
Yes, the Illustrator file has seam allowances all around

Can I grade up fly facing templates?
Yes, you can size it up or size it down to your own particular needs.

What can I do with this pattern template?
You can use it for your personal or commercial use.

What you can not do:
You can not sell this pattern template as your own creation or post it on blogs or websites for free downloads without written permission as this will be copyright infringement.

What versions of illustrator can open fly facing template?
Adobe illustrator CAD program CS5 and above.

When is the download expiry date for combo jeans fly files?
The zipper fly download link expires in (6) hours from the time of purchase.

What is the download limit for combo fly template files?
The download Limit is (4) times only.

Does the Gerber and DXF zipper Fly patterns have seam allowances?
Yes, Gerber and DXF files have  seam allowances all around

What Gerber Accumark versions can open this zipper Jeans fly file?
Gerber Accumark 9 and above.

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