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With our pattern grading service, you can make every single one of your customers feel like you’ve made your design just for them!

Crafting a good design to fit a body shape requires skill and vision. Don’t you want it to fit according to that vision on every person that wants to wear your creation? Don’t let pattern grading get in your way…

Ask yourself this: What will your design look like after it’s been graded two sizes up? Will those sleek lines still work in those proportions? Our pattern grading service creates designs that will keep your look consistent for all shapes and sizes. So that your customers can know that they’ll look just as good in your Skirt as you imagined they would.

Give them the look that you aimed for without losing its unique style to get your customer telling you ‘‘it fits like a glove’’ on every single person. Whatever their body type we’ll help you maintain original design, dimensions, shape, fit, balance, and style when resizing with our pattern grading software.

Ever wondered how to size up a pattern? What does sizing up mean for your designs?

You can’t take regular clothes, resize and expect the details to scale without looking ridiculous. For example– sizing up a garment can have a very different effect on its characteristics in comparison to sizing down.

You need a specialist pattern grading company.

Styling for things like range of motion and getting in and out comfortably requires sensitivity and experience when fashion grading.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert – our skilled pattern graders understand the nuances of your particular garment and will work with you to make sure every size looks just how you want it to – grade up or grade down with peace of mind… 

Have you established industry standard pattern grading charts for your designs? Let us help you measure every single garment with our pattern grading ruler and create pattern grading rules based on the proportions of your garments that you’ve been resizing. Each grading chart is customized according to your needs, customers or buyers that are placing orders to buy your designs. 

Stuck for examples? Try a Circle skirt pattern, Wrap skirt pattern, A line skirt pattern, Pencil skirt pattern or a Pleated skirt pattern – your imagination is the limit!

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