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Our pants pattern-making service is designed to bring your fashion ideas to life and transform them into precise patterns. Whether you have a concept drawing or a sketch for pants cargo, pants khaki, pants yoga, pants for men, or a pants corduroy, we have the expertise to turn your vision into reality.

Gone are the days of traditional pattern-making supplies and tools. We utilize digital pattern-making tools that have revolutionized the fashion industry, making the process more efficient and accurate. No matter what stage you're at, we simplify the process for you. If you have a physical sample, our experts can reverse engineer it and translate it into a digital pattern, allowing for easy modifications as needed.

With over 3 decades of experience in creating CAD fashion products, our team has a deep understanding of clothing patterns. We pay attention to small details and ensure that your fabrics of choice, pattern cards or tech packs, sewing pattern instructions, grainline, and seam allowances are all taken into account.

Our prototype samples undergo rigorous testing for fabric quality, shrinkage, and sewing construction, ensuring that you receive professional-grade patterns that have been thoroughly tested. Additionally, we ensure that your patterns are compatible with Gerber CAD systems, making it easy for your manufacturing company to import and produce your designs.

Once your patterns are ready, you can confidently take your pants product to the market. Whether you're looking for pants linen, pants for women, or pantsuit patterns, we cater to all types of pants patterns. Let your imagination run wild, and let us handle the pattern-making process for you.


  • Digital pattern-making tools for efficiency and accuracy
  • Reverse engineering of physical samples
  • Attention to small details and fabric quality
  • Rigorous testing for fabric quality, shrinkage, and sewing construction
  • Compatibility with Gerber CAD systems


  • Bring your fashion ideas to life with precise patterns
  • Simplified process for creating pants patterns
  • Easy modifications as needed
  • Professional-grade patterns that have been thoroughly tested
  • Compatibility with manufacturing companies for easy production
  • Catering to all types of pants patterns

Pants Prototype Pattern Making Cost

This is an approximate cost for a non-engineered pattern. Pattern designs with complex details such as engineered pockets, and ruffles on pants will be charged according to the labor involved and time consumed to make your pants pattern.

Patterns We Do Not Draft or Make:

Any pattern-making or tailoring service for products listed below as they require specialized setup and equipment.

✘furniture products

✘Leather products 

✘Bridal products

✘Children products

✘underwear(lingerie) products 

✘Knitted sweaters or sock products

✘Ties products

✘gloves products

How to Get Started:

  1. Send us a message here and tell us about your design
  2. Wait for our reply and submit your picture or design
  3. We will analyze your design and let you know further details

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