Men’s Short Sleeve Box Fit Shirt Downloadable DXF/CAD Pattern

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Who is this industrial sewing pattern for?
This DXF/CAD (Men’s Short Sleeve Box Fit Shirt Sewing Pattern) has been designed specifically for manufacturing companies, sewing contractors, fashion designers, pattern makers and people that love fashion and wish to save hundreds of dollars in the development and creation of their (Men’s Short Sleeve Box Fit Shirt Sewing Pattern) 
About this Industrial Sewing Pattern
Our DXF/CAD (Men’s Short Sleeve Box Fit Shirt Sewing Pattern) is a professional pattern making block that has been fitted on a professional fit model size M. You can customize this DXF/CAD (Men’s Short Sleeve Box Fit Shirt Sewing Pattern) to your own particular measurements by adding to your cart our pattern grading services.
How to use this industrial sewing pattern?
This DXF/CAD (Men’s Short Sleeve Box Fit Shirt Sewing Pattern) can be used for personal or business purposes and use it an unlimited number of times to cut and sew your samples or production.
What you can not do:
you can not reproduce, distribute or sell this patterns as your own creation or posted on blogs or websites for free downloads without written permission as this will be a Copyright infringement.
What CAD Systems can open this file?
Any of these popular CAD Systems can import our DXF/AMMA files: Geber System,Tukatech System, PAD Systems,Optitex System, Ivestronica System ,Lectra Systems and any other CAD Systems that have the capability to import DXF/AMMA files.
Our industrial pattern VS commercial ones
Our patterns save you hundreds of dollars when building a design. Our patterns can be imported into a Fashion CAD System. Our patterns have less seam allowances versus commercial patterns 5/8". Our patterns contain manufacturing seam allowances standard widths. Our patterns use apparel industry manufacturing language.
Please note:
You will get an E-mail notification after your purchase to download your product from our website. The product download link expires in (6) hours from the time of purchase and your Download Limit is (4) times only.

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