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Did you know a staggering 70% of the production costs for garments are from Fabric?

The marker-making process is your most valuable commodity.

How you use fabric directly affects your bottom line every single time you cut your designs … 

                              So ask yourself, what are you doing to maximize it?

It’s time to eliminate the uncertainty in your marker-making. No more guessing how much fabric will be used:

With SMART PATTERN MAKING'S marker-making service you’ll know your costs and can calculate your margins BEFORE getting to the cutting table.

Our marking service will allow you to know exactly how many yards of fabric you need to cut for any number of your designs. Snipping fabric wastage, maximizing fabric utilization.

That’s because the primary goal of our specialist digital markers is to make the best use of ALL your fabric, wasting as little as possible.

Let our experts handle the technical, tedious, and mathematical – you can focus on your vision and the finer details involved in bringing it to life!

Likened to putting together a complicated puzzle, we view marker making as much an art as a science…

For instance, the percentage of fabric cut into pieces is called the “fabric yield.” When the yield is high, the arrangement of patterns is called a “tight marker.”

Our computer marker-making machine ensures high yields and tight markers on all your projects.

When we calculate efficiency for your marker, we test over and over again until we have achieved the absolute maximum marker efficiency possible.

You select how you want us to lay your pattern pieces in your marker – from one way to a single size marker…

Select the fabric characteristics you want your patterns to be used with…

Pick your cuttable width…

Then you upload your ZIP or DXF files to create the marker for your TOPS.

Lastly, we ship the garment marker to you so you can get to work at the cutting table with the confidence of knowing your working at maximum efficiency.

Our computerized marker-making really makes it as easy as that!

SMART PATTERN MAKING fashion markers. Reducing wastage. Increasing your margins.

Got any questions?

What is marker making? What’s involved in marker planning? Curious about the mini marker? How marker making clothing will work for you? To find out more about marker making in the garment industry…

Chat with us about computerized marker making now!

Stuck for examples? Try marker making a t-shirt pattern, crop top pattern, corset top pattern, or a tank top pattern – we’ve even had tube top patterns – your imagination is the limit!

How To Calculate Sizes


If you need to create a marker for the 4 sizes you have and want to mark 

each size in 4 different fabrics (SELF) (LINING) (FUSING) (CONTRAST)

just multiply your sizes in this example 4 by the number of fabrics you will be

marking each size on in this case 4 fabrics so the formula should be: 


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