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At Smart Pattern Making Marker Print Experts based in Los Angeles, California, our expert Dresses marker Printing services leverage 30 Years Experience in the fashion industry and manufacturing industry. Using our Gerber state-of-the-art printers, we can handle any paper marker printing, duplicates, or copying job for a variety of dresses, including Cocktail dresses, Maxi dresses, Midi dresses, and more, regardless of size or quantity. Our industrial printer plot markers can manage marker widths up to 72 inches and support various file types such as DXF and .PLT HPGL print files.

We specialize in Same day Expert fashion markers printing, ensuring that your dresses, whether they are Mini dresses, Shirt dresses, or Dresses plus size formal, are processed quickly and efficiently. We support a wide array of CAD systems like Gerber, Lectra, Tukatech, and Optitex, along with design software such as Illustrator, PDF, and the PAD system. This extensive capability allows us to integrate seamlessly from your digital design to the finished marker print, ensuring quick turnarounds and precise marker outputs.

Moreover, our capabilities in marker plotting precision and marker digital printing are specifically designed to cater to all your specific needs. Whether you're creating patterns for Bodycon dresses, Dresses linen, A-line dresses, Slip dresses, Wrap dresses, or even Princess dresses, our team is equipped to deliver high-quality marker blueprints and detailed marker patterns. With support for Style CAD, Polypattern, and Pattern Smith, we enhance our ability to meet diverse demands within the fashion printing sector, ensuring your marker printing textiles projects are executed with the highest standards of precision and quality.

"Elevate your dress production with our marker plotting services at Smart Pattern Making Marker Print Experts in LA. Contact us today!"



Same Day Marker Plotting Services: Our printers efficiently handle various dresses, including Cocktail, Maxi, and Midi dresses, ensuring rapid processing. Accelerated Production Process: Quick service ensures your designs transition swiftly from concept to production, reducing time to market.
Broad CAD System Support: We support CAD programs like Gerber, Lectra, Tukatech, Optitex, Illustrator, PDF, PAD System, Style CAD, Polypattern, and Pattern Smith, enhancing versatility. Enhanced Integration and Accuracy: Compatibility with various CAD systems ensures smooth workflows, minimizing errors and saving time.
Advanced Printing Technology: Our Gerber printers handle wide formats and support file types like DXF and .PLT HPGL, perfect for detailed designs on dresses such as Mini and Shirt dresses. Consistent High-Quality Outputs: Advanced technology guarantees precision in every print, producing high-quality results that meet industry standards.
Extensive Dress Printing Capabilities: Capable of printing markers for a diverse range of dresses including Bodycon, Dresses linen, and A-line dresses. Versatility in Fashion Printing: Our ability to adapt to various dress designs enhances your brand's market adaptability and meets evolving fashion demands.

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Why You Need Our Printing Services?

  1. Easy To Use - Because you can place an order online 24/7.
  2. Same Day Printing - Your patterns are printed on the same day.
  3. Next Day Shipping - "We offer both rushed and expedited shipping.
  4. Large Printing - Because you can print designs up to 70" wide.
  5. All File Formats - Because you can print DXF, ZIP, Ai, PDF, and more.
  6. Saves You Money - Because you avoid costly printer contracts.
  7. Less Hassle - Because you work less and focus on your business.
  8. Reliable Service - Because you work with a reputable company.

Owning Cost VS Our Printing

Description Owning Printing
Printer cost $15K to $20K $0 (No cost)
Installation cost $600 $0 (No cost)
Monthly paper cost $100 $0 (No cost)
Monthly Ink cartridges $40 $0 (No cost)
Yearly Contract Cost $1000 $0 (No cost)
Yearly broken parts cost $600 $0 (No cost)
Yearly headaches 360 1 May be :)

Who Uses Our Marker Plotting?

Our marker plotting printing services cater to a diverse range of industries, ensuring precise and efficient pattern delivery for various apparel and accessory needs. Here's a look at who benefits from our services:

Apparel Industry:

✔️ Sports Apparel

✔️ Casual Wear

✔️ Athleisure

✔️ Yoga Clothing

✔️ Golf Apparel

✔️ Running Apparel

✔️ Activewear

✔️ Cycling Apparel

✔️ Yoga Apparel

✔️ Plus Size Apparel

✔️ Restaurant Apparel

✔️ Medical Apparel

✔️ Safety Apparel


✔️ Eyewear

Other Industries:

✔️ Military Industry,

✔️ Aerospace Industry

✔️ Automotive Industry

✔️Furniture Industry

✔️ Shoe Manufacturing Industry

✔️ Metal Industry

✔️ Glass Industry

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