Listed below, are some examples of (Cotton Yarn Spinners) in the U.S. supply chain that have built relationships to provide solutions for brands and retailers incorporating their individual products.

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Cotswold Industries/Central Textiles


Location: New York, NY


Hill Spinning


Location: Thomasville, NC

Capabilities: Ring, Counts Ne 3/1 – 30/1, Slub, Cationic, Organic Cotton


Keer Group


Location: Fort Mill, SC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Counts Ne 6/1 – 20/1, Slub, Core-Spun, Blends


Parkdale Mills


Location: Gastonia, NC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Air-Jet, Counts Ne 2/1 – 50/1, Heathers, Slub, Core-Spun, Organic Cotton


Shuford Yarns, LLC


Location: Hickory, NC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Air-Jet, Counts Ne 3/1 – 30/1, Blends


SpunLab, a Division of Parkdale


Location: Gastonia, NC


Cap Yarns

Location: Mt. Pleasant, NC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Counts Ne 4/1 – 40/1, Heathers, Slub, Cationic, Blends

—----------------------------------------- cannot guarantee that each company has the ability or willingness to deliver a particular product or service. Although we make every attempt to keep this list up to date, there may be cases where a company’s capabilities or status may have changed. is providing this list as a courtesy but makes no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to the suppliers contained herein. Likewise, no statement contained herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use a specific supplier and  assumes no responsibility for any negligence on the part of any supplier included in this list.

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