Fashion CAD System DXF FIle Conversions

You can easily convert all your CAD system DXF designs to any widely used format. How? Our DXF converting services. 

Are you an apparel or garment manufacturer? A pattern maker? A designer? We can take any of your files using Gerber, Tukatech, Optitex, or StyleCAD system and convert DXF designs to whatever format suits your needs.

Tell us what you have and what you want to convert it – and we’ll do it…for a price you’ll like in a time frame you’ll like even better. 

Our team of file converting experts can take your DXF files and convert them to Gerber, Illustrator, PDF, or EPS format. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California, we’ve been delivering professional DXF conversion services for a little over two decades…and counting.

We stand ready and eager to convert all your DXF/CAD system designs into the format that works best for you. 

Let us get started on your DXF/CAD system conversion today!

DXF/CAD Converting – Quick And Affordable Here.

DXF File Converting

Your DXF files are in good hands with our conversion pros. We can handle any conversion needs you have for your DXF files, and at affordable prices for multiple pattern pieces in multiple sizes. Send us your DXF files, and we will convert them to:


• Gerber

• Illustrator 

• PDF 

• and EPS files

Maybe you are pulling your hair out over corrupted and buggy DXF files – we can fix that. If you are having issues with a DXF file display that scatters information, and symbols, or makes nonsense out of a double line seam allowance…no problem.

We can troubleshoot CAD systems DXF files and get those corrected for you. And you can keep your hair where it belongs.

DXF File Conversions And Trouble Shooting Solutions In One Place.

Gerber File Conversions

We can take your Gerber files and convert them to just about any sort of file that’s in use in the apparel and garment industry. We can convert your Gerber files to:

• Gerber older version 

• Illustrator 


• PDF 

• and EPS 

We can convert your Gerber files to the file format of your choice for 1 pattern piece, or up to 48 pieces per conversion…and in any sizes you need.

Let us know the total pattern pieces contained in your design…the format you want your Gerber files converted to…and how many sizes you need your patterns converted to. It’s that easy! 

Convert Gerber Files In Three Easy Steps Hassle Free Here.

PDF Conversions

We can convert all your patterns to any format. Have PDF files that need to be converted? No problem. 

We can take your PDF that has been converted to PDF through Adobe Illustrator and convert those files to a format that best suits your needs.

We convert PDF files to…

• Gerber

• Illustrator

• DXF 

• and EPS files

Unless you have the right amount of experience and the appropriate software at your fingertips, converting your files can be a process fraught with missteps and irritations.

Get in touch, and we can convert your patterns to precisely the format that you need. 

If you’re not sure exactly what format you need your patterns and designs converted to, ask us! 

We are here to help you with all your conversion needs.

Illustrator Conversions

We can convert all your Illustrator files in 3 easy steps.

1) Select the pattern pieces in your design that you want to convert.

2) Tell us which format you want your Illustrator file converted to. 

And 3) Let us know how many sizes need to be converted. 

In short order, we can convert your Illustrator files to…

• Gerber

 • PDF 

• DXF 

• and EPS files 

…and as with your DXF files, we can roll out the kinks and clean up any corruptions and scattered displays your Illustrator files might have – so that the conversion is error free every time. 

Let Us Get Started With Your Error Free Illustrator Conversions Today 

Stylecad Conversions 

Send us your StyleCAD DXF files, and we can convert those to other, CAD useful files…and we can also clean up your StyleCAD DXF files and debug them if they are corrupted. 

Maybe you StyleCAD files are riddled with glitches? We can get into those files and make them work as intended – without misplaced symbols and double seam lines on your patterns.

We can convert your StyleCAD DXF files to any of the following: 

• Gerber

• Illustrator 

• PDF, and 

• EPS files.

Check out all our DXF/CAD conversion prices and rates, and you will see that they are very reasonable…especially considering the experience and expertise we provide. If you have files that you need to be converted, contact us right away! 

StyleCAD Conversions Done By Experts At A Reasonable Price – Right Here!

Tukatech Conversions

For some in the apparel and garment industry, Tukatech is the only way to go. Founded in 1995, Tukatech’s software has been helping designers, manufacturers, and distributors with the exact tools they need to optimize their operations – which means greater efficiency and increased profits.

Many in the industry swear by Tukatech’s 2D and 3D pattern making, design, and manufacturing software.

If you are one of those designers, manufacturers, or distributors who swear by Tukatech, then you have come to the right place.Bring us any of your Tukatech DXF files to get it converted… 

• Gerber

• Illustrator

• PDF 

• or EPS 

…and we’ll happily convert all your files on the same day!.

 Tukatech Conversions Made Easy Right Here!

Pad CAD Conversions

We can help you with all your PAD DXF pattern files, as well. We can convert those to… 

• Gerber 

• Illustrator 

• PDF, and 

 • EPS

Maybe you are needing a workaround in an attempt to overcome the limitations faced by having your files in a particular format. Whatever the reason, we’re ready to take on all your conversion requests.


No PAD conversion job is too small or too large. Reach out to us today, and we can get started on your PAD file conversion.


PAD to Gerber, Illustrator, PDF or EPS – We’re Ready To Help You Now! 

Lectra Conversions

We can take you Lectra DXF files and designs and convert those to any number of other files. Why would you want to do that? 


Converting your Lectra DXF files to Gerber, for example, can make it so that other CAD systems can open and read your files.

That way, you can more easily share and sell designs to be used all across the garment and apparel industry. DXF/CAD conversion increases the amount of business you can do.We can take all your Lectra DXF files and convert them to…

• Gerber

• Illustrator 

• PDF 

• and EPS 

Lectra Conversions For Your Patterns And Designs Available Here!

Investronica Conversions

Here at Smart Pattern Making, we’ve done a lot of things for a lot of happy customers over the last 25 years. One of those things is offering conversion services of all sorts. In particular, we can convert your Investronica DXF pattern files…to just about any other format. 


We’ll convert your Investronica DXF files to the format that works best for you. You can choose from any of the following conversions for your Investronica files:

• Gerber 

• Illustrator 

• PDF 

• or EPS

We make it our business to improve your business. Just one of the many ways we do that is by offering you Investronica DXF pattern file conversions to a format that works best for your CAD designs and patterns. 

Your Success Is Our Success – Starting Today

Optitex Conversions

We would love to help you with your Optitex DXF Pattern file conversions! All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we can get started. 

You provide us with the net size of your patterns, seam allowances, and an 8” X 8” test block, and our DXF/CAD experts will convert your designs. We can get your Optitex files converted right away to any of the following: 

• Gerber 

• Illustrator

• PDF 

• EPS 

Click the button below, and we can get started on your Optitex conversion today! 

Optitex Conversions to Gerber, Illustrator, PDF... (Get Started Now)

EPS Conversions  

No conversion is too difficult…and converting you EPS CAD files is no exception to that rule. We are experienced experts at EPS Pattern Conversions. Give us you EPS files, and we can clean those up and convert them to… 

• Gerber 

• PDF 

• DXF 

• or Illustrator



What is the cost to convert Gerber files to DXF?

Please visit our store for our current Gerber file conversion pricing

How fast can I get 3 dxf files transferred to Gerber?

We can transfer all your DXF files to Gerber on the same day that we receive them.Usually within 8 hours after we have confirmed that your files are readable by our CAD system.

Will my DXF pattern loose any information like notches or drill holes when converting to illustrator?

We can not guarantee that you will not loose any information as that will depend on your CAD system and how well your DXF file was formatted before converting your pattern to an Ai-Adobe illustrator format.

Can you convert my Illustrator pattern to a DXF file format?

Yes, We Can.

Can you convert any DXF pattern files to Illustrator AI or EPS format?

Yes, We can.

I do silk screen printing on t-shirts can you convert my DXF pattern to Adobe Illustrator (AI)

Yes, we can.

Will my DXF pattern loose its size proportions when converting to Illustrator?

We have converted DXF patterns to illustrator format and imported them back into our Gerber system without any visible signs of proportion changes. It is your responsibility to double check that all the correct settings in your CAD system are correct before importing back your illustrator pattern and make sure that every converted pattern to illustrator format kept its original proportions when you imported the illustrator pattern back yo your cad system.

I have 20 DXF patterns, How much will it cost me to do 1 pattern conversion test to AI?

For DXF to illustrator conversions please visit this link to see current pricing

why is it difficult to convert DXF CAD patterns to Adobe illustrator format?

Pattern converting services have many phases which need to be done correctly to successfully have a readable file . Some of the work process that we have to do prior to converting any pattern to any file format include: Complete model-piece-info verification, CAD system set up , DXF conversion verification etc...

How do I get started?

To get started

1). Go to our pattern converting options by following this link here

2). On the left side of your screen select DXF conversion drop down menu to see all coversion options available

3). Select total pieces contained in your design and enter the total sizes to be converted

4). Make a payment for all sizes contained in your file and that's it!

What makes us the best go-to resource for all of your garment- apparel needs?

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  • We’ll save you money and time. Our services are specifically tailored for those who want to bring a design to production but don't have the huge budget to pay a bunch of salaries reaching into the thousands of dollars.

  • We have all the tools and technology right here at your disposal to get your fashion products developed and out into the world.

  • Other businesses similar to ours offer static, one-size-fits-all services. Our services and products are designed and developed with the specific, individual needs of our customers in mind. You can count on us to deliver personalized attention to hone in on your particular garment and apparel needs, pre-production and beyond…

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