Alejandro Esparza A.K.A (also Knows as)- The architect of fashion products is widely known in the fashion world as one of the highest paid pattern makers in the garment industry and highest paid product development consultant in the fashion world. 

These days, Alejandro’s private clients pay up to $50,000 to work with him. And they come from across the world to work with him. (Vancouver Canada, Mexico, UK, Sydney Australia ). 

Alejandro prides himself on potentially being your new best friend and competition worst nightmare! 

That’s because as strategic business consultant Alejandro helps fashion manufacturing companies and entrepreneur to grow their business by implementing strategic working procedures that benefit all the stablished brand who need their business to grow and the entrepreneurs to conduct business in an more effective and productive manner and reach new levels at an accelerated rate.

For the past 15 years, Alejandro has been working as strategic business consultant for dozens of top caliber fashion brands and be trusted as advisor to some of the most successful fashion brands of today. He’s the problem solver strategist consultant that fashion entrepreneurs turn to for guidance.

Alejandro Esparza has run small seminars and provided star ups brands with in-house training for years. However today, Alejandro prefers working with a select number of high-level entrepreneurs on a private basis.

Entrepreneurs choose to work with Alejandro because he’s not just a hands on designer “pattern maker guru” or “coach”, but an entrepreneur himself — one of the few consultants that actually works for the garment industry and runs a business himself In other words, he eats his own pizza! 

A partial top fashion brands list of extraordinary brands with whom Alejandro has had the privilege of working include: Guess, 7 For All Mankind, Agave Denim, Azteca, Alona Apparel Inc,  william Rast, Pacific Sunwear,  NYDJ Apparel,  Page,  Hudson Jeans,  XCVI,  Rags,  Mother Denim and a few dozen more... 

Alejandro Esparza is one of the most sought after And highest paid pattern making experts and consultant in the fashion industry with a waiting list of top notch clients.


POSSIBLE consulting topics

(Your designs such as: how to create them) 

(Full package pattern making process)

(Estimated full package price list cost for every single job needed) 

(Turn around time for full pattern development process) 

(Pattern Shrinkage for Denim and Garment dye fabrics) 

(Estimated pattern shrinkage pricing for different designs)

 (Pattern Sizing)- (Excel Grading Formulas) 

(Estimated pattern grading design cost)

(Pattern making fitting problems) 

(DXF file converting Services)

(And any other questions related to full pattern development process)

bEFORE calling alejandro

When first scheduling a phone call with Alejandro, it is important to write your challenge, problem or issue and include some of your background. It's also important to let him know why you chose him.

Example 1). I admire your business and the growth I have seen - I'd like to discuss the importance you place on creating patterns by computer and how my company could benefit from it.

Example 2). We are having a pattern grading sourcing issue at my company and seem to have hit a wall. I know your company offers pattern grading services and we would love to partner and send clients your way - I'd like to hear your thoughts. 

Example 3). I'm starting my own clothing company. You worked in the industry for several years and I want your take on pattern making jeans products what is the process and cost to start making jeans patterns.

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