Consultation services will be scheduled between all parties. The method of communication will be specified before each planned meeting /conference call. In the event that either party needs to reschedule - a notice of rescheduling should be sent via e-mail to the other party. Smart Pattern Making, all subsidiaries, and company representatives cannot be held legally liable for any advice given. Acting or not acting on any given advice/ consultation given whether written or verbal, is 100% at your discretion. cannot be held liable for any results of those actions.

All consulting packages and training sessions must be prepaid. No refunds once the purchase is made. No refunds or credit on hours not used. Consulting packages must be used within the allotted time specified on each package. You agree and will be governed by our regular Terms and Conditions.

This acknowledges the promise of payment to Smart Pattern Making (the company) in the amount of $999.99 dollars for (Consulting Services Package Three) to be rendered by the firm’s staff (the “consultant”) at a consultation to be arranged at a mutually convenient time. I understand that there will be a minimum of $999.99 dollars charge for 3 hours consultation even if my consultation takes less than 3 hours. At the consultation, the consultant will rely on the information provided by me in writing, together with my oral comments.

At this time, I have decided to neither hire nor retain the firm, but have requested a consultation with the consultant to discuss certain matters that pertain to me and/or my business and to discuss full package pattern making and design services. At a later time, I may decide to ask the Firm to accept my project, and I understand that I will be required to enter into a separate Fee Agreement with the Firm before I can hire or retain the firm. Until that time, I understand that the Firm will provide no services to me other than during the aforementioned consultation and that the consultation will establish a consultant-client relationship only for the duration of the consultation.

When you make an appointment‚ you are reserving that time for your use alone. We do not double-book appointments to guard against last-minute cancellations. As such‚ Smart Pattern Making requires a 24 hrs. Cancellation notice to allow time to fill that vacancy. Appointment Notice of Cancellation must be sent by e-mail at: ( ATTN: Alejandro Esparza). No exceptions to the Appointment Cancellation Policy will be made if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged the full fee for your appointment.


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