Commercial Use License for O N E single product DOWNLOAD from SMART PATTERN MAKING

If you are purchasing several patterns from us and you need them for commercial use you MUST type in the quantity box the total amount of licenses you need and make payment accordingly.



• Our patterns are not available for commercial resale. That means you may not copy and sell or digitally distribute THE PATTERN. You may, however, sell ITEMS YOU MAKE WITH THE PATTERN.

Purchase of this "Commercial License” does not transfer copyright, original pattern design remains the property of smart pattern making.



• You must not make our patterns available in a format that allows others to access or reproduce them.

• Use or upload our pattern design(s) to a Print on Demand website.

• Post this pattern for FREE DOWNLOADS on the internet, website, blog, 3D program, etc...

• Gift, share, or sell the digital files through email, USB, disc, or any other way;

• Sell our designs as a wholesaler or sell items using our designs to other companies to sell

• You must not claim that our pattern designs are your own work.



When placing an order, please include the product for which you are purchasing this license, as well as the name of your store or a link to your store. Select the number of licenses you need.

Your receipt will be a confirmation of your license for this file from SMART PATTERN MAKING. If you are purchasing this License for products that you have purchased in the past, also enter the product names, your order number, your store name, or a link to your store. Select the number of licenses you need.

After purchasing this License, no documents will be sent to you. Save your order emails and PayPal receipts for license confirmation. We will register your name, your store and add them to the list.

Want to buy several of our sewing patterns to make products and sell the products you make using our patterns? No problem, buy as many commercial use licenses as you need. Remember you must purchase ONE license per PATTERN.

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