Online resources list. We are a US-based, Los Angeles apparel full-package pattern design company. Aside from our pattern-making and design services, We offer apparel sourcing for companies getting started and can provide you with a list of different companies/services that you might be able to use for the creation of all your fashion designs and apparel products.

Our manufacturing resources list contains U.S.-based supply chain companies that have built relationships to provide solutions for brands and retailers incorporating their individual products.

Each resources list below has about a dozen companies listed under each category and we keep adding more... as companies reach out to us and ask us to list their company/ services with us.

Resources list for (Cut And Sew Manufacturers)

Resources list for (Cotton Dyers)

Resources list for (Finishers)

Resources list  for (Screen Printing)

Resources list  for (Woven Cotton Fabric Mills)

Resources list for (knit Cotton Fabric Mills) cannot guarantee that each company has the ability or willingness to deliver a particular product or service. Although we make every attempt to keep this list up to date, there may be cases where a company’s capabilities or status may have changed. is providing this list as a courtesy to all clients who book a consultation with Alejandro Esparza but makes no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to the suppliers contained herein. Likewise, no statement contained herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use a specific supplier and assumes no responsibility for any negligence on the part of any supplier included in this list.

This list of apparel online resources U.S. based supply chain companies can be purchased separately in our store as well here.

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