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Pants Prototype Pattern Pieces Included (1-12 )

Get Started In 4 Simple Steps: 1). Select total Pants or Shorts pattern pieces contained in your design above 2).Upload digital Gerber Zip or DXF pattern file to be used as a block 3). IF you do not have a digital file, FedEx us your Pants, Shorts, Jeans, Pajamas, Leggings or any other pants design to our shipping address below. 

ATTN:Alejandro Esparza
Company Name:Smart Pattern Making
2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543
Los Angeles, CA 90007

And 4). Make a payment for all pants prototype patterns you would like to create and that's it.


Please Note, This Is An Approximate Cost:

This is an approximate cost  for a non engineered pants or shorts pattern. Pattern designs with complex details as engineered pockets, draped collars or ruffles on a dress or skirt will be charged according to the labor involved and time consumed to make a pattern.

Patterns We Do Not Draft Or Provide:

Any pattern making or tailoring service for products listed below as they require specialized setup and equipment.
✘furniture products
✘Leather products
✘Bridal products
✘Children products
✘underwear(lingerie) products
✘Knitted sweaters or socks products
✘Ties products
✘gloves products


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