Mini Skirt Women Fashion Sketch Template

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This Mini Skirt Fashion Sketch Template is perfect for fashion designers or brand owners who want to create their own custom mini skirt designs. The template includes both front and back views, allowing you to fully customize your design. Whether you want to create a denim or leather mini skirt or experiment with different colors like black, white, pink, or red, this template is a versatile tool for bringing your fashion ideas to life. With professionally drawn flat sketches, you can easily create spec sheets or tech packs for production. Elevate your fashion design game with this Mini Skirt Fashion Sketch Template.


  • Front and back view for complete customization
  • Suitable for creating denim or leather mini skirts
  • Can be used to design skirts in various colors
  • Perfect for fashion designers and brand owners
  • Professionally drawn flat sketches for spec sheets and tech packs


  • Allows you to create unique and customized mini skirt designs
  • Provides a visual representation of your design ideas
  • Helps streamline the production process with spec sheets and tech packs
  • Saves time and effort in creating fashion sketches from scratch
  • Enables you to showcase your creativity and brand identity in your designs

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