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Marker Plotting: Total yards to Print (1-6 YDS.)

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Who is this marker plotting for? 

Our marker plotting services are designed specifically for apparel manufacturing companies, designers, pattern makers and anyone in need of having a pattern or marker printed or copy.
About our apparel marker plotters
Our state-of-the-art plotters are capable of printing all kinds of markers widths up to 72"
How to use our marker printing services?
our marker printing and copy services can be used to continuously print and copy your every day’s markers or patterns.

Our marker plotting VS owning a plotter
Owning A Plotter
•State of the art plotter cost $15K to $20K.
•Maintenance cost per year $600 dollars.
•Broken parts replacement/ year $200 dollars.
•Monthly HP Ink cartridges refills $40 dollars.
Our Plotting Services
•No upfront cost.
•Pay for what you need only.
•Never pay for repairs.
•Never pay for maintenance cost.
•Never buy ink cartridges.


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