Marker Making Total Pcs. To Be Marked Per Size (1-48 PCS.)


Get Started: 
1).Type Marker Making Ratio: Type how many times you wish to mark your sizes example: (S-1 time)-(M-1 times)-(L-1 times). Optional: sizes can be marked serveral times to save fabric. Keep in mind however that an aditional charge per size marked will be made.
2). Enter Marker Making Direction: Select how we should lay all your pattern pieces in your marker example:(One Way-->Single Size Marker)
3).Fabric Type: Select what fabric type your marker is going to be cut on example: Self Fabric or main fabric.
4). Marker Making Cuttable Width: Type the cuttable width for your fabric. Leave at least a 1" margin from selvage fabric edge top and bottom example: your roll of fabric is 60" wide your cuttable width should be 58" this is done to prevent having hard edges of your fabric selvage from being inside of your actual cuttable design and making a particular piece of your design unusable.
5.) Finally,upload all your graded Zip or DXF files to create your marker. IF submmiting a DXF file please include your (Rul.File) as well for us to be able to see your graded pattern.

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