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Dresses Pattern Making (1-12 Pieces)

1). Select total pattern pieces that make up your design.
2). Type in QTY. box all prototype patterns needed.
3). Click -Add To Cart and complete your purchase That’s it.


Pattern Make Dresses Patterns, Maxi, Wrap, Halterneck, Shirt Dress, Sun Dress, Shiftdress...


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Please Note, This Is An Approximate Cost:
This is an approximate cost for a non engineered pattern. Pattern designs with complex details as engineered pockets draped collars or ruffles on a dress or skirt will be charged according to the labor involved and time consumed to make a pattern.

Patterns We Do Not Draft Or Make:
Any pattern making or tailoring service for products listed below as they require specialized setup and equipment.
✘furniture products
✘Leather products
✘Bridal products
✘Children products
✘underwear(lingerie) products
✘Knitted sweaters or socks products
✘Ties products
✘gloves products


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