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Calculate Fabric Shrinkage Percentages & Apply To (1-60) Pattern Pcs.


Let's calculate fabric length shrinkage percentage for below washed linen fabric square test block by using our fabric shrinkage calculator below.Fabric Shrinkage Square Block Testing

Step 1).
Select [What is the % increase/decrease X to Y] from calculator drop down option below.
Step 2). input in [what is the % increase/decrease from] empty field original before wash length measurement 18"
Step 3). input in [To] empty field after wash length measurement 17" then hit enter on your keyboard to get total fabric length shrinkage.
Repeat the same process above to calculate fabric width shrinkage.

Fabric Shrinkage Calculator


Can you measure my square test blocks?
Yes, We can measure and calculate fabric shrinkage for all your square test blocks before applying shrinkage to your patterns.

To what address do I sent my blocks?
Please send your square test blocks to our shipping address here

What is the cost to measure my blocks?
The cost to measure and calculate shrinkage is $10 dollars per block measured.

What Pattern file formats can I upload?
You can upload Gerber ZIP files and DXF/AAMA files.

What wash process shrinks fabric? Any [Wet Wash Process/Chemical Process] will shrink fabric. So prior to cutting fabric for bulk production, you must check its shrinkage percentage in washing. 
What Patterns Need shrinkage Applied? Any pattern that is cut on a fabric that contains Natural fibers—such as Cotton, Linen, Silk, Denim, Corduroy, Flannels and any other fabrics containing natural Cotton fibers will need to have a pattern with shrinkage added as these fabrics are more susceptible to the shrinkage process than synthetics.

What is Selvedge? The selvedge (sometimes spelled selvage) is the tightly woven edge of your fabric which is cut off to prevent it from appearing on your sewn pieces on your design. The term 'usable width of fabric', means the width of your fabric minus its selvedges.

How to: Calculate Fabric Shrinkage for denim? For instructions on how to calculate denim shrinkage percentages please click article link below to read How To: Calculate Fabric Shrinkage in 3 Easy Steps

 Download our pattern card template belowif you don't have one and type all pattern pieces contained in your design before we begin the pattern Piece Shrinkage process. 



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