When creating a clothing line it is essential to take a good advice or consult with an expert in the apparel industry prior to creating your first clothing line. Following next, are some of the most common mistakes that newly created clothing companies make when creating their first clothing line.

1rst Mistake: Surrounding yourself with negative people

Encircle yourself with positive people that support and believe in what you are trying to do and have the same goals in mind for the company. This is especially true when hard days come and everything seems to be going wrong. People who believe in a common goal and have a positive perspective about the clothing line business you are trying to build are more likely to support you and be there with you when hard times hit your company.

2nd Mistake: Letting your family work and run your business for you.

When building your clothing line company you should rely solely on your own hard work and should be able to take your own decisions whether they are good or bad decisions this is the only way in which you will gain the knowledge needed to create your clothing business and run it in a successful manner. It is a big mistake to think that your family will work or do the work you don’t care to do; they will drive you crazy and will run all over you in no time. 

3rd Mistake: No business plan to follow.

Creating a Business plan and knowing how you will go about your business of creating your clothing line company should be one of your priorities. This is not to say, that not having one will not allow you your business but it will help you to operate your business in a more organized fashion manner to reach your ultimate goal. Plus having a business plan will make your investors feel more at ease and take your seriously knowing what you have a plan rather than not having one.

4th Mistake: Bad Marketing and promotion.

Spending too much money in advertising your clothing line company could potentially leave you with empty pockets. There are many free ways of reaching your audience without the need to sacrifice all your hard earned money. You are better off staring up your clothing line business with less money and work your way up step by step until you are financially stable than spending it all in advertising and not having any money left to create a new one.

5th Mistake: Not enough money to fill re-orders.

After you have successfully sold your first clothing line to a retailer store chances are you will soon start getting re-orders of your most popular clothing styles. Not having enough cash flow could jeopardize your business by not been able to provide to the retailer with more or your designs and leaving a bad impression of your clothing business. You should always save sufficient amount of money and keep it in your business account should the retail store re-order more of your popular designs.

6th Mistake: No online presence.

 Without a website you’re missing out on reaching an audience that you probably couldn't sell to as a start up clothing company, due to the fact that most of your account would probably be local accounts.  Making an effort and time to use the resources available online will help you be a smarter sales person and it will help your newly created clothing company to expand to a whole new level.

7th Mistake: No social media marketing.

No advertising in the social media and not marketing your clothing line to network sites could mean you are losing a big opportunity to grow your business. Social media sites like Face book and Twitter are examples of some of the tools available online to advertise your clothing company and reach a growing audience of millions of people.

8th Mistake: Presenting a collection at a trade show without first attending it.

 Many times designers present their collection for the first time at a trade show and do not know what to do or what to expect when they get there. Exhibiting at a trade show without attending it first is like buying a car and not knowing what to do after you have bought it. You must be familiarized and aware of the flow of the show and see what booths drive the most foot traffic and what buyers are looking for.

9th Mistake: waking into a store to talk to a buyer without first making an appointment.

Let’s face it, every one of us has a busy schedule and buyers will not be happy to see you if you just walk into the store without a prior notice. Aside from the fact that buyers hate that! It is very unprofessional. Making a phone call to the store and making a reservation to talk with a store buyer manager would make you look more professional. Do not forget that is you who need to accommodate to their needs and not them to yours of course, if you want to earn their business that is.

10th Mistake:  Limiting your knowledge by not consulting with an experience professional. Limiting your knowledge will not take you were you want to go. It is always cheaper and smarter to have a consultation with a professional first before you create your first clothing line than having too much pride and been hard headed thinking inside the box only and assuming that you do not need any expert advice just because your project is very simple or just because you do not see the need to pay for valuable information that could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the process of creating your clothing line.

In conclusion, It is always wise to seek the advice of a professional and experienced apparel consultant first before you try to create your own clothing line. Following the advice of an expert who specializes in the apparel industry will prevent you from making the 10 most common clothing lines mistakes listed here and will save thousands of dollars by learning industry secrets and proper work process.  Many young clothing designers and fashion enthusiast business people think they are wise managing their money when it comes to creating a new business but the true is that managing a business and knowing a business are totally 2 different animals.

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