Marker Plotting, Copies And Printing For Dresses

…Efficient Marker Copies and Pattern Printing

Are you an apparel and design manufacturer? Sewing contractor? A pattern maker? A designer? Then you are likely in need of marker plotting and copy services…and we stand ready to help you with that!

Our state-of-the-art industrial marker plotters can handle marker widths up to 72 inches wide…all day long.

We guaranty that the marker plotting and pattern printing that we do for you will be of the highest quality available in the apparel and garment industry.

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California, we have been in the marker plotting business for over 25 years. Our established clients know that we bring a unique combination of experience and state-of-the-art technology. And that’s why they keep coming back to us for all of their marker printing and copying needsno matter where they are located.

Let us get started printing your markers and patterns today!

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Marker Plotting, Copies And Printing For Shirts

Marker Plotting And Pattern Plotting For The Apparel Industry

Absolutely we can help you with marker plotting services…especially if you are an apparel manufacturing company, a marker maker, a designer, or a pattern maker…or anybody else that might need a pattern or marker of any sort printed or copied.

As you probably know, markers are a guide for the cutting process. A marker is a long sheet of paper with all your pattern pieces printed out on it. The important thing is that the marker copy will make the most efficient use of space – to minimize waste of fabric and save you money!

The markers are prepared in our CAD system and then printed out with one of our plotters. You can come and pick up the marker our we can deliver it to you – whatever works best for you. Then you’re ready to get to some worry-free cutting.

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Avoid Costly Mistakes With Our Marker Plotting Services

Maybe you have historically made your markers by hand. It’s true, markers don’t need to be made with CAD program and a marker plotter. But if efficiency and accuracy are a concern, then it’s best if they are produced digitally.

Our CAD systems automatically calculate the yardage you need…and it automatically calculates how many layers of fabric are needed in order to complete the number of products you require.

Once we have your apparel product in our system, we can continuously print and copy as many markers or patterns as you need on any given day.

Needless to say, with our marker plotters we can print your patterns and duplicates faster and more accurately than even the fastest, most experienced by-hand plot makers ever could.

And our services are easy to sign up for and affordable!

Marker Plotting, Copies And Printing For Skirts

Easy Access To Your Markers – On Demand

You can’t use a marker twice after it’s been cut up – but you can reuse your marker file to print off new markers to your heart’s content. And we can do that for you.

Not every order is identical to a previous one, but sometimes they are! Or at least darn close to being the same.

In the process of making and plotting a marker for you, we also create a digital file. That way, if you need the exact same order, we can easily and quickly print new marker copies for you.

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The Boring Truth About Marker Plotting

Marker plotting and printing are probably not what you signed up for when you decided to embark on a career as a fashion and apparel designer. But like many creative pursuits, there are the sexy parts…and, unfortunately, the not so sexy parts.

Marker plotting falls into the category of “not so sexy.” It’s technical, tedious and mathematical. If done improperly, it can be maddening! That’s where we at Smart Pattern Making come in. Outsource your marker plotting needs to us, and spare yourself the tedium, doubt, and time it takes to make perfect copies and duplicates.

We love the technical challenges that come into play when creating efficient, cost-effective, and accurate markers. That makes you and us the perfect team.

We have the know-how and equipment so you can do what you do best…designing and producing great apparel. 

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Marker Plotting And Printing Dresses, Maxi, Wrap

Our Marker Plotting Services Versus Buying And Owning A Plotter

Did we mention that our plotters are state-of-the-art? Consider what that means.

  • Our state-of-the-art plotters cost $15k to $20k just to purchase
  • Maintenance for each of our plotters cost $600 per year
  • Replacing parts on our plotters runs us about $200 per year, per plotter
  • Ink cartridge replacements cost $40 every few days.

So, you could buy your own plotter – or, you can rely on ours, and…

  • Pay no upfront costs for bulky equipment
  • Be spared having to learn how to use the plotter with all the attendant software
  • Pay for only the marker copies that you need
  • Never worry about repairs in the middle of a project
  • Never pay for maintenance costs
  • Never pay big prices for gallons worth of ink cartridges

We are happy to fill this niche in the garment and apparel industry to make it easier for you to run a profitable and streamlined business.

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Our Money And Time Saving Strategies Tailored To Your Marker Plotting Needs

We can tailor strategies specially designed to meet your unique marker and pattern plotting needs. We are here to be your partner in the garment and apparel industry.

If there’s anything regarding your plotting needs that you’re not sure about…get in touch! All questions are welcome.

Let’s talk about what patterns you have, what kind of files you are working with, the size of your project, and how soon you need marker copies – and how often you’ll need those marker copies.

We’ll make a plan together and set our plotters to the task of making your business run as smoothly as our plotters do.

Our goal at Smart Pattern Making is to make long-term relationships in the garment and apparel business. We want to make it so that it is as smooth and profitable as possible for you to make us a daily partner for all your marker plotting needs.

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    Our CAD System Supports All Of Your Printing Files

    Our CAD system meets you half way. Chances are excellent that our CAD system supports any marker and pattern file you can throw at it.

    Our CAD system supports…


    • DXF ( Data Exchange File)
    • PLT (plot file)
    • HPGL (plot file)
    • TMP (style and marker)
    • zip


    • DXF ( Data Exchange File)
    • PLT (plot file)
    • HPGL (plot file)
    • MDL (style file)
    • PLX (marker file)


    • DXF ( Data Exchange File)
    • PLT (plot file)
    • HPGL (plot file)
    • TUD (style file)
    • TUM (marker file)


    • Lectra Design.mdl
    • Stabdard DXF
    • HPGL (plot file)
    • PLT (plot file)


    • DXF (Data Exchange File)
    • PLT (plot file)
    • HPGL (plot file)


    • DXF (Data Exchange File)
    • PLT (plot file)
    • HPGL (plot file)


    • DXF (Data Exchange File)
    • PLT (plot file)
    • HPGL (plot file)


    • DXF (Data Exchange File)
    • PLT (plot file)
    • HPGL (plot file)


    Top 10 Pattern Printing Questions (FAQ)s


    How do I export my Optitex Marker To Be Plotted

    • Option 1).  Send as your Optitex marker as (Standard DXF) or as a  (Lectra Design .mdl)  file.
    • Option 2).  send us your marker files as (PLT or HPGL fomat).

    Marker files that we can plot include:

     Lectra .plx files,

     investronica makers, 

     micromark markers, 

     Assyst markers.


    PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to create the model, Order the marker and make the marker before you can export your markers as Standard DXF marker file.

    What is PLT and HPGL ?

    The PLT file format, also called HPGL, is the standard language for printing line drawings. Created by Hewlett-Packard, it has specifically been designed for 2D graphical information for the HP range of plotters.

    Can you plot out standard DXF files?

    Yes, We can.

    Can you plot out Tukatech AAMA files?

    Yes, We can.

    Can you plot PAD system DXF files?

    Yes, We can. Please make sure you send us only DXF files when submitting patterns. If you have a marker that needs to be plot out please send it to us in PLT or HPGL format

    Can you print StyleCAD patterns and markers?

    Yes, We can. Please make sure you send us only DXF files when submitting patterns. If you have a marker that needs to be plot out please send it to us in PLT or HPGL format.

    How do you box or protect markers before shipping?

    We usually ship all of our marker inside a cardboard tube to protect them. However, if you prefer and want us to fold your marker and fit them in boxes we can do that at not extra charge.

    How much does it cost to plot a marker or pattern?

    It all depends on the amount of yards that need to be plot out  For current pattern printing and marker plotting pricing  please visit our marker plotting services page here.

    What makes us the best go-to resource for all of your garment- apparel needs?

    • We’re are an all-inclusive garment business platform – a one-stop shop! There's no need to be dashing around, trying to coordinate multiple garment and apparel services.

    • We’ll save you money and time. Our services are specifically tailored for those who want to bring a design to production but don't have the huge budget to pay a bunch of salaries reaching into the thousands of dollars.

    • We have all the tools and technology right here at your disposal to get your fashion products developed and out into the world.

    • Other businesses similar to ours offer static, one-size-fits-all services. Our services and products are designed and developed with the specific, individual needs of our customers in mind. You can count on us to deliver personalized attention to hone in on your particular garment and apparel needs, pre-production and beyond…

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