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Our team of experts will transform your fashion ideas into precise patterns – and bring your ideas to life. Smart Pattern Making brings 25 years of experience in garment design to the table. You can trust that your design project is in capable hands. 

Our business, located in the heart of downtown LA, has all the technological resources on hand necessary to produce any design you can imagine. Combine that with a knowledgeable team with a deep understanding of design and the sky is the limit. 

 If you need pattern drafting for t-shirts, dress shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, bikinis, and so much more – look no further 

PATTERN MAKING- For Apparel Products

pattern making clothing products

Do you have an e-commerce operation? Are you selling apparel – bikinis, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants? Need help developing your prototype patterns to get your business rolling? 

 We’ve helped a lot of satisfied customers – including top brands and designers like william Rast, Rich and Skinny,,,, and

And Smart Pattern Making can definitely help you with all your pattern making needs, too.   We’re Ready to Assist You With Pattern Making Right Away

pattern making accessory products

Do you have a boutique store – online or off-line – selling handbags, towels, eyeglass pillows, drawstring pouches for smartphones or eyeglasses? Then you just might need a professional accessory pattern making service to help create all your products and designs. 

 We've created thousands of fashion products, like handbags, beachwear, eyewear, and smartphone accessories for over a decade. And we can do the same for you…creating professional-grade accessory prototype patterns. Contact Us For All Your Pattern Making Accessory Product Solutions

PATTERN MAKING- For Accessory Products
PATTERN MAKING- Furniture Covers For Sofas, Recliners Plus More-GET STARTED-

pattern making furniture covers

Create your own styles and designs for furniture covers. If you are looking to develop pattern making prototypes for sofas, recliners, pillows, curtains, tables…and anything else you can think of – we make it quick and easy! 

We provide pattern making solutions for all your furniture needs whether you are a furniture manufacturer, deal in refurbishing furniture, or just want to liven up some prized, heirloom piece of furniture in your living room. 

 We give you the freedom to design your furniture covers with the fabric of your choice to make that sofa or chair stand out just the way you envisioned. For A Hassle-free Pattern Making Experience – Contact Us

pattern making Automotive Products

We are here to assist the automotive market, too – especially if what you are looking for are car floor mat and seat cover patterns.

 It's as easy as this: You have a sketch and some dimensions and need a prototype of a seat cover for a classic car that's been out of production for as long as anyone can remember. Get in touch with us, and we'll help create the perfect pattern for any car that you have in mind. And you can use that pattern again, and again. 

We can turn all your automotive interior ideas into a reality thanks to our state-of-the-art CAD pattern making system.  Automotive Interior Pattern Solutions Right Here – Contact Us

PATTERN MAKING-Automotive Products

The Pattern Making Process In 5 Easy Steps – Bringing Your Ideas To Life

We ensure that the pattern making process is much easier than you could imagine. We can take your idea and turn it into a reusable pattern prototype in 5 easy steps. The process quickly takes you from concept to production.

Step 1: Concept – Your Idea is Born

Provide us with a concept drawing or sketch that visualizes your idea and design…and we'll take it to the next level of the pattern making process. Got an actual physical sample of what you need? Perfect. We can reverse engineer an actual example of what you need and translate it into a pattern, duplicating the original design structure and other pattern components – with any modifications you want.

CONCEPT- Pattern Making Process (1 of 5 )
BLUE PRINT-Pattern Making Process (2 of 5)

Step 2: The Blue Print – Your Idea Takes Shape

Our pattern makers will take your concept and turn them into precise blueprints. The blue prints-prototype patterns are the layout of the individual shapes that each piece of your design consists of. After the blueprints have been created, they are ready to be cut. Then your product is ready for…

Step 3: Choosing Materials – Your Idea Puts On Its Own Unique Look

You’ll need to choose the materials necessary to start to really bring your design to life. You will supply us with the fabrics and other materials of your choice…and we do the rest.

MATERIALS-Pattern Making Process(3 of 5)
SAMPLE MAKING- Pattern Making Process (4 of 5)

Step 4: Making You A Sample – Getting Your Idea Just Right

Once you have supplied us with the fabrics of your choice and a pattern card or tech pack – detailing sewing instructions and seam allowances – we will build your design. We’ll look it over with you and get it ready for the final stage.

Step 5: Production – Your Idea Has Become A Reality

Once all alterations and corrections are made, and you have the sample you approved – it’s production time! We’ll provide you with your final digital pattern design, and you’re ready to bring your product to market.

PRODUCTION-Pattern Making Process (5 of 5)

pattern making apparel products

Shirts-Tops-  Pants- Shorts-  Dresses-Skirts-  Bikinis +More

Shirts And Tops Pattern Making

We can do a lot of apparel and garment-related things for you…not least of which is pattern making for all your shirts and tops designs. T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies – you name it…we can make patterns for it. 

Give us your design, or an already existing top or shirt, and we'll turn those into digitized blueprints that you can use as often as you need. Choose your fabric, and we'll take it out through to production with you. 

We guaranty that you will be pleased with our pattern making service – and all the other steps in the process, too. Shirts And Tops Pattern Making Solutions – Ready For you Today

Shirts and Tops Pattern Making- GET STARTED-
Pants And Shorts Pattern Making - GET STARTED-

Pants And Shorts Pattern Making

If you can design it – slim, skinny, ankle length, bell bottom, plain front, pleated, with or without pockets, low or high-waisted – we can make the pattern and blueprints for your pants design. The same goes for any kind of shorts you can dream up. 

 Keep in mind that we are a one-stop shop for all your garment, apparel, and fashion needs. As with all types of garments, we can take your pants and shorts designs and get them out into the market, and flying off the racks and shipped everywhere people put on pants and shorts.You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy we can turn your pants and shorts designs into a quality product that people want to buy. Easy Pants And Shorts Pattern Making Process – We’re Ready To Get You Started Right Now

dresses pattern making

Since we opened the doors to our business here in Los Angeles some 25 years ago, we have seen one happy customer after another…and they keep coming back to us. And there’s a good reason for that. 

As with all garments, we make sure your patterns for dresses are done right. We’ll do everything to make sure that the dress pattern making stage is done right, and that you are entirely satisfied. Please note: Your opinion counts! And we want to assure that you have nothing but the best opinion of our dresses pattern making services. Increase Dress Making Productivity – Right Now!

Dresses Pattern Making- GET STARTED-
Skirt Pattern Making- GET STARTED-

skirts pattern making

So, you have the next big idea for a skirt. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have the ecstatic feeling of going out in public and seeing women wearing the very skirt that started as an inspired idea in your head. 

 What is that skirt you've designed? An A-line skirt? An asymmetrical skirt? Is it a bell-shaped skirt…a bubble, bustle, broomstick or circular skirt? It doesn't matter, because we can make a pattern of it for you, at a cost you can afford…and in a short amount of time.

bikinis and swimsuits pattern making

Let us make patterns for the strapless, multi-string, or high-waisted bikini you’ve designed. Got a sexy one-piece you're wanting to produce – send it our way, and we'll get the patterns made, grade them to fit all sizes, and see them through to production. 

One of the things that makes us a valuable partner to your business is that we have all the tools and technology to make you a success. The best part…we eliminate the need (and expense) for you to have to purchase and then learn how to use all those tools and technologies. Affordable, Hassle-free Bikini And Swimsuit Pattern Making This Way

Bikinis and Swimsuits Pattern Making- GET STARTED-

how to ship your design/product(s)

STEP 1- How to ship your design/products


Fold all your designs or samples that you wish to create a pattern for and include a detail sheet describing changes or requirements for each of your designs. Example: Make a pattern for my blue shirt design but remove front pockets

STEP 2- How to ship your design/products

step 2

Place folded garments inside a box and tape all around making sure your box is completely sealed.

shipping address

ATTN:Alejandro Esparza 

Company Name:Smart Pattern Making

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

Los Angeles, CA 90007 

Important: Please notify us via e-mail that you have sent a package to us at: Also, please provide us with your tracking number and let us know when we should expect your package to arrive at our shipping address above. 

what customers say about us

top 10 PATTERN making questions and answers (FAQ)s

Can you construct patterns from samples?

Yes, we can. Selecting a pre-existing sample that has the fit, silhouette or style that you like to build your design is a great way to start the development process. Please keep in mind however, that the new design that you are trying to build must be similar in weight, type of fabric, and seam placement. Cutting your pattern in a fabric that is not similar to your sample’s fabric type will not work on your newly created pattern. Example: your sample is a Knit fabric men’s shirt and your sample yardage fabric to cut your new pattern is a woven fabric.  

To whom and where do I ship my designs?

Please send all your designs/samples to our shipping address below. 

 ATTN:Alejandro Esparza 

Company Name:Smart Pattern Making 

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

 Los Angeles, CA 90007

Can I drop off my patterns at your location?

No, you can not. We are an online only service company. Our shipping address is just that a shipping address not a pick up or drop off location. All patterns to be digitized must be shipped to our shipping address below.

ATTN:  Alejandro Esparza 

Company Name:Smart Pattern Making 

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Do you offer pattern making packages?

Do all packages include the same services?

Yes, All packages include the same services.

How do I add extra services or add on(s)?

When selecting a package you will have the option to add any extra services that you might need just contact us with your add on(s) request and we will add those services to your package.

Do you sell or provide fabric for my designs?

No, we do not sell or do fabric sourcing for any of our clients. Fabric sourcing is a job in itself and is done usually by the designer or company that wants to create a design.

Do You provide all the trims for my designs?

No, we do not provide any type of trims. You need to provide us with all the necessary components for your design or project before we can start the design process. We do not sell any type of trims.

What makes you different?

What makes us different is:

1). We are a company that cares.Our team members are hard-working, passionate and committed to our customers. 

2). Costumer Service:We provide you with best in class professional costumer service unlike other services who have a voice answering assistant you actually talk to a live professional garment industry expert who will answer all your questions 

3) Pricing:Our prices are some of the best if not the best pricing in the industry for the type of products and services that we offer. Our services and products are accessible to anyone around the world via Online Services Only and we have no Increasing overhead and therefore passing all the savings to you.

Why should I use smart pattern making?

Here are 3 main reasons why you want to use our services:

1). Professional Pattern Making services:You will be working with a reputable company that specializes in pattern making and has been providing this service for more than 17 years. 2). Fast turn around:Our pattern making services provide fast turn around allowing to have time to grade your patterns, cut your samples or production for your potential client. 

3). Pricing:Our prices are some of the best if not the best pricing in the industry for the type of products and services that we offer.

How long does it take to construct a pattern?

Each Pattern design that we make has its own technical construction problems and process to build it. So timing to construct it will be determined by current work load we have, how much information you are able to give us to start with and how many samples and revisions you ask us to make before the pattern is approved.

How much does it cost to make a pattern?

To see pattern making pricing:

1). Go to pattern making product category list here and on the left side of your screen select Example: (Shirts and Tops) 

2).  Now, to your right of your screen you will be presented with a group of pattern making options with pricing listed under each product.

Please notethat you pay a flat fee according to the amount of pattern pieces contained in your designExample:  Your T-shirt design has 5 pattern pieces you must select pattern making option(1-6 PCS)  which covers your 5 pattern pieces included in that option.

How do I get started?

To get started:

1).Go to our pattern digitizing options by following this link here 

2).On the left side of your screen select the pattern digitizing products that needs to be digitize Example:(Shirts and Tops) 

3).Select total pieces contained in your design and Submit a pattern card for each design that needs to be digitized 

4).FedEx us your patterns to our shipping address  below.

ATTN:Alejandro Esparza

Company Name:Smart Pattern Making 

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

Los Angeles, CA 90007


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Alejandro Esparza: Co-Founder @ /Professional Pattern Maker/ Technical Designer/ Startup Advisor and acknowledged in the garment industry as authority in pattern making and pattern design process. He has the ability to work with small entrepreneurial companies’ private label customers and large organizations. Alejandro is a graduate of Los Angeles Trade Technical College Fashion Design Program. He has over 25 years of apparel garment industry experience and is part of Expert Ezine Articles Authors community since December 25, 2008 and has published multiple articles about the garment industry. Copyright © by Alejandro Esparza. All Rights Reserved. No part of this article may be copy or used without written Permission from Alejandro Esparza the Author.

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