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Professional grading and resizing for the apparel industry. We specialize in pattern grading and resizing for shirts tops, pants, dresses, skirts, bikinis products + more... Pattern grader and grading services in Downtown LA

what is pattern grading?

Pattern grading is the process of taking a finished pattern and increasing its proportions to make different size patterns. To have proper fitted garment you must know how the body proportions change around the body in order to get a pattern that will fit correctly.

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professional grading and resizing

Professional Pattern Grading Services. Our pattern grading and resizing services are designed to provide you with accurate pattern sizing which will eliminate bad fit on garments due to bad pattern proportions. Have T-Shirts, pants or dresses patterns that need to be graded? No problem, Our professional pattern graders have been grading patterns for over 20 years and can convert your product design into multiple sizes for your targeted end costumers.

why use our grading services?

Using as your pattern grading service provider has 3 main benefits 1). You will be working with a reputable company that specializes in pattern grading and has been providing this service for more than 17 years. 2). Consistency in fit and sizing for all of your products and 3).The ability to grade multiple designs in a very short period giving you time to create your markers and prepare your designs to be cut.

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grade sheet templates for juniors-misses-plus size- mens-big-tall + more...

BOYS SIZES grade sheet template 

GIRLS SIZES grade sheet template

JUNIOR SIZES grade sheet template  

MISSy SIZES grade sheet template

PLUS SIZE grade sheet template 

MEN's SIZES grade sheet template  

men's BIG SIZES grade sheet template 

men's TALL SIZES grade sheet template 

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My pattern maker graded my pattern what is wrong?

We do not check any graded patterns nor we can tell you if your pattern maker graded your patterns correctly.  Usually,  the best person to grade your pattern is a pattern grader who specializes in the art of pattern sizing and has a well rounded pattern grading background.  Pattern graders follow your grading instructions to grade a specific design so if you think your measurements are odd or pattern shapes look distorted it would be a good idea to pay a small fee for pattern grading consultation services and regrade all your patterns with a trustworthy company.

I have 20 pieces in my design just grade 2 pieces only.

We do not grade incomplete patterns. By just grading 2 pieces you are complicating your life and the grading process. Grading just 2 pieces in your design first and trying to grade the remaining of your pattern pieces later will delay the grading process, be more difficult and cost more money due to the time we need to take to backtrack  and calculate grading used on your previous pattern pieces.  

 Can you measure and create specs from my production?

Yes, We can. If you have not yet established industry standard charts for your designs we can take the time to measure every single garment you have and create grading rules base on the proportions of your garments that you been producing.

Do you have standard grading charts for my design?

No, we don't. No all garments measured from our clients have the same grading charts even if they all cover the same population or market in the garment industry. Each grading chart is customized according to your needs, costumers or buyers placing orders to buy your designs.  

We are currently working on some excel spread sheets that contain grading formulas that will allow you to grade your design automatically by inputting your base size measurements and  grade automatically all your other sizes. These spread sheets will be available for sale in the next few weeks and it will be a basic spread sheet containing core body points needed to grade just about any design or product.

I have a pair of jeans can you create grading rules?

Yes, we can. However you will need to provide us with a set of sizes from the same design to be able to measure and establish your own grading rules.

What CAD system do you use for pattern grading?

We use the latest state of the art Gerber CAD System to grade all  of our costumers patterns.  

How do I submit my pattern files to be graded?

How soon can you have my patterns graded?

We can have all your patterns graded as soon as next business day. However, keep in mind that we always have work in process meaning we also have other clients patterns that need to be graded, so timing will be established according the the amount of work load we have and the day and time that we receive all your patterns.

How much is the price or cost to grade a pattern?

To see pattern grading pricing :

1)  Go to pattern grading product category list here and on the left side of your screen select Example: (Shirts and Tops) 

2).Now, to your right of your screen you will be presented with a group of pattern grading options with pricing listed under each product. 

Please notethat you pay a flat fee according to the amount of pattern pieces contained in your design Example:Your T-shirt design has 5 pattern pieces you must select pattern grading option (1-6 PCS)which covers your 5 pattern pieces included in that option.

I am ready to grade my patterns how do I get started?

To get started :

1).Go to our pattern grading options by following this link here 

2).On the left side of your screen select the pattern grading products that needs to be graded Example:(Shirts and Tops) 

3).Enter your measurements for length and width and we will grade up or down your design according to your own specifications that's it!



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