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Pattern Alterations,  Modifications, and Pattern Adjustments…

…For all your Shirts, T-shirts, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Bikini Patterns plus more...

If you are in need of expert pattern alterations, modifications, and corrections, then you have come to the right place.

With 25 years of experience altering shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts, and bikini patterns we have a keen sense of the skill, art, and creativity that a good alteration requires. Certainly, measurements need to be made, and principles of alteration adhered to…but without the knack for altering patterns that come with years of experience, you can only hope for less than the best.

We deliver the best quality alterations any time any day here

What Makes Our Alterations Better Than The Rest?

No two alteration projects are the same. Starting with that principle in mind, we look at many factors that have to be considered in order to undertake the perfect alteration project. And guess what? Depending on the alteration project or your particular garment, the factors may be different.

But, by way of example, we might conclude that your alteration requires special attention being paid to the following...

• The amount of alteration being accurate and advisable

 • Maintaining the style of the garment you want to be altered. For example, if we are working with a bikini, does the style of the bikini remain the same as before the adjustments? It absolutely should, unless the modification was done to change the style 

• The sewing line should be positioned as it was before the alteration so that the garment drapes perfectly 

• Connecting sewing lines must correspond to the other sewing lines 

• The curve sewing line of the bikini, dress or shirt must curve smoothly 

• The modified part of the bikini or skirt must lie smooth and flat and not bulge, so as to come out as a perfectly altered pattern.

The point is, it’s our goal to get your alteration done just the way you want it — so you can look and feel your best in that dress, skirt, shirt or bikini that deserves a second life.

The Principles Of Quality Alterations

It always starts with the numbers — or as we say, measurement is key! If you are trying to alter a garment for the best fit for your figure, we have to get the numbers right...every time. 

First, we have to make sure that your body curvatures perfectly correspond to the measurements of the pattern. Second, we measure to extend and maintain grainlines precisely. Those two measurements will go a long way to ensure a perfect fit.

Other principles employed for various alteration orders include strict adherence to the right angle rule, seam allowances, the precise laying of anchors, and ultimately…

Taking each alteration one at a time for any given garment. 

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Alterations All The Way Down — The Right Way

One of the most important principles of alterations is that you have to take one piece at a time, from the top down of any given garment. 

One way to think of it is that every alteration creates a chain effect. By altering areas up high — say the shoulders of a dress — you end up having the effect of requiring corresponding alterations to the armholes, the chest, the waist and so on…


The end result? A high-quality fit! And you smiling back at yourself in a full-length mirror. 

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Don’t Throw It Out – Alter it!

Nothing makes you fall in love with that particular shirt, dress, or skirt like a good fit. A good fit makes you feel good...and confident! 

Maybe a particular garment just isn’t delivering the right fit...and you don’t like the look of it, and you don’t feel right wearing it. 

You have two choices. You can toss it in the trash. Or better yet...give the garment a custom alteration to fit you like no off-the-rack garment ever could. Instead of consigning that expensive shirt, dress, skirt, or bikini to the trash heap, turn it into your favorite go-to garment — something you look forward to wearing, and can’t wait to slip into. 

Watch others take notice, wondering how you achieved such a perfect fit...as if that shirt or blouse you're wearing was made especially for you. The truth is, it was made especially for you because you let us alter it for you. 

Don’t Throw It Out — Alter It For A Perfect Fit Starting Right Here

altering and modifying


...Sewing pattern alterations-

Shirts And Tops Pattern Alterations

You can trust us with all your shirts and t-shirts alterations. Our experienced team of alteration professionals has been hard at the art and science of modifying and correcting patterns for a better fit for 25 years and counting, here in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California. 

To get started with digital pattern modifications or pattern corrections for all your tops, pants, dresses, skirts, and bikinis 1) simply upload a digital ZIP or DXF pattern file, and 2) upload pattern alterations sheet describing the modifications you want to be made.  

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to walk you through the process...and make your Smart Pattern Making alteration experience as smooth as possible. 

Shirts And Tops Alterations Starts Right Here

Pants And Shorts Pattern Alterations

No need to toss those expensive pants or shorts that offered so much promise when you first bought them…when you can make them fit perfectly with our alteration services!

We’ll take those troubling pants or shorts and transform them into the best pants and shorts a person could ever hope to own. That is the promise and benefit of our alteration services. 

Give us the garment with a troubling fit, and we’ll alter, modify and correct it...and turn that beast into an absolute, one-of-a-kind beauty. 

Transforming Pants And Shorts From Beast To Beauty Starts Here!

Dresses Pattern Alterations

A perfectly fitting dress gives you comfort, confidence...and a smart and attractive look. An otherwise gorgeous dress that only delivers binding, pulling, tugging, pushing, sagging, wrinkling, and straining is an abomination.

Our dresses alteration services can take that abomination and turn it into a smart and attractive look, that’ll fit better than any other dress you own. 

We can correct most any pattern flaw with your dress, and all other garments as well. We can even alter, modify, and correct engineered pockets, draped collars, or even ruffles on a dress.

We Ready To Make Alterations For Dresses Starting Today

Skirts Pattern Alterations

Anybody who has ever been sentenced to walk around for a day in an ill-fitting skirt knows that it can be an intolerable situation. You’re continually tugging, pulling, and readjusting, and trying not to be noticed that you are in a virtual death match with your misshapen skirt.

We’ll transmute your irritation into fashion gold by altering the skirt to make it AND YOU a perfect fit.

Give us your maxi, denim, bubble, peasant, or circular skirt, and we can make the following combination of modifications:

• Correct for a protruding derriere

 • Modify for a flat derriere 

• Alter to correct a sway back 

• Alter to eliminate bulging thighs 

• And remove a flat side hip flaw 

Those are just a few of the issues that we look at to turn that torture chamber hanging around your waste into a complete delight to wear.

Skirt Pattern Alterations Starts Here

Bikinis Pattern Alterations

Fit and shape are rarely as important for a garment as it is for a bikini. A good fit is essential if you want to look and feel good in your bikini. 

To achieve an optimal fit we…• Fold out excess fullness on the bikini to make the areas smaller• Reduce draping and overlap along the sewing line to increase or decrease the bikini pattern dimensions• And by redrawing or reshaping the sewing lines 

All those technical sounding things add up to create you one heck of a good looking bikini that anyone would look forward to wearing at the pool or beach.

Perfect Fitting Bikinis Start Right Here

pattern alterations questions and answers (FAQ)s

Can you construct patterns from samples?

Yes, we can. Selecting a pre-existing sample that has the fit, silhouette or style that you like to build your design is a great way to start the development process. Please keep in mind however, that the new design that you are trying to build must be similar in weight, type of fabric, and seam placement. Cutting your pattern in a fabric that is not similar to your sample’s fabric type will not work on your newly created pattern. Example: your sample is a Knit fabric men’s shirt and your sample yardage fabric to cut your new pattern is a woven fabric.  

To whom and where do I ship my designs?

Please send all your designs/samples to our shipping address below. 

 ATTN:Alejandro Esparza 

Company Name:Smart Pattern Making 

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

 Los Angeles, CA 90007

Can I drop off my patterns at your location?

No, you can not. We are an online only service company. Our shipping address is just that a shipping address not a pick up or drop off location. All patterns to be digitized must be shipped to our shipping address below.

ATTN:  Alejandro Esparza 

Company Name:Smart Pattern Making 

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Do you offer pattern making packages?

Do all packages include the same services?

Yes, All packages include the same services.

How do I add extra services or add on(s)?

When selecting a package you will have the option to add any extra services that you might need just contact us with your add on(s) request and we will add those services to your package.

Do you sell or provide fabric for my designs?

No, we do not sell or do fabric sourcing for any of our clients. Fabric sourcing is a job in itself and is done usually by the designer or company that wants to create a design.

Do You provide all the trims for my designs?

No, we do not provide any type of trims. You need to provide us with all the necessary components for your design or project before we can start the design process. We do not sell any type of trims.

What makes you different?

What makes us different is:

1). We are a company that cares.Our team members are hard-working, passionate and committed to our customers. 

2). Costumer Service:We provide you with best in class professional costumer service unlike other services who have a voice answering assistant you actually talk to a live professional garment industry expert who will answer all your questions 

3) Pricing:Our prices are some of the best if not the best pricing in the industry for the type of products and services that we offer. Our services and products are accessible to anyone around the world via Online Services Only and we have no Increasing overhead and therefore passing all the savings to you.

Why should I use smart pattern making?

Here are 3 main reasons why you want to use our services:

1). Professional Pattern Making services:You will be working with a reputable company that specializes in pattern making and has been providing this service for more than 17 years. 2). Fast turn around:Our pattern making services provide fast turn around allowing to have time to grade your patterns, cut your samples or production for your potential client. 

3). Pricing:Our prices are some of the best if not the best pricing in the industry for the type of products and services that we offer.

How long does it take to construct a pattern?

Each Pattern design that we make has its own technical construction problems and process to build it. So timing to construct it will be determined by current work load we have, how much information you are able to give us to start with and how many samples and revisions you ask us to make before the pattern is approved.

How much does it cost to make a pattern?

To see pattern making pricing:

1). Go to pattern making product category list here and on the left side of your screen select Example: (Shirts and Tops) 

2).  Now, to your right of your screen you will be presented with a group of pattern making options with pricing listed under each product.

Please notethat you pay a flat fee according to the amount of pattern pieces contained in your designExample:  Your T-shirt design has 5 pattern pieces you must select pattern making option(1-6 PCS)  which covers your 5 pattern pieces included in that option.

How do I get started?

To get started:

1).Go to our pattern digitizing options by following this link here 

2).On the left side of your screen select the pattern digitizing products that needs to be digitize Example:(Shirts and Tops) 

3).Select total pieces contained in your design and Submit a pattern card for each design that needs to be digitized 

4).FedEx us your patterns to our shipping address  below.

ATTN:Alejandro Esparza

Company Name:Smart Pattern Making 

2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543

Los Angeles, CA 90007


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