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Marker Making That Is Cost Effective And Profitable

The primary goal of marker making is to maximize the use of your fabric – and waste as little fabric as possible. An excellent marker making service…like ours here at Smart Pattern Making…will make it so that most of your fabric is actually used for your design. That means more savings and profits for you! 

Our promise (from one professional to another) is this – Our professional marker making services will produce cost-effective markers that will reduce wastage of fabric and increase your profit margin every time you cut your designs. 

Go to our order page, and we can get started right away on your marker and plotting order for your shirt patterns... 

What Is Marker Making?

In the apparel industry, a marker maker is a specific stencil that shows how a particular garment piece should be cut from a piece of fabric. The person who arranges the marker is the marker planner – though we call them Marker Maker Gurus. 

It's the planner's job to arrange the patterns efficiently. The mantra is – waste as little of the fabric as possible. The percentage of the fabric cut into pieces is called the “fabric yield.” When the yield is high, the arrangement of patterns is called a “tight marker.” And the percentage of the fabric actually used for the garment being produced is called the “fabric utilization.” 

Our computer-aided design (CAD) system under the command of our marker making gurus ensures high yields and tight markers on all your projects. Tight Markers Equals Bigger Profits Today!

Marker Making Services For Shirts 

When it comes to marker making, this is one area where we can definitely save you time and money. We can mark your shirts and tops patterns more efficiently than anyone. That means a minimum of wasted material and higher profits for you.

Let our team of experienced marker makers deliver a high fabric yield and efficiency for all your shirt patterns. We maximize the amount of fabric in your shirt design utilizing tried and true methods that we have developed over the last 25 years and counting. 

Go to our order page, and we can get started right away on your marker and plotting order for your shirt patterns. Marker Making For Your Shirt Patterns

Pants Marker Making Services

Check out all our great deals and prices for marker making services that we offer. Send us your designs and patterns for pants. We’ll arrange the markers of your pants patterns to maximize yield and minimize waste.

You'll choose how many pieces your design has and how many sizes you need. Our rates are competitive. The difference with us is that you’ll get excellent service and the best results. 

Best results are achieved by expertly laying out your patterns on the marker in a way that little fabric as possible is wasted. The big, main pieces go on the marker first. Then we fill in the smaller pieces in the open spaces between the big pattern pieces. Then we calculate the efficiency of the marker. We’ll keep working it until we have achieved maximum marker efficiency.

Once the markers are complete, then we ship those to you so you can get to work at the cutting table. Or, if you prefer, we can take it to the next step in the process for you. Let’s Get Started With Your Marker Making Needs

Skirts Marker Making Services

So, you have your skirt designed and the pattern pieces ready for the next step in production. 

In the order process, we’ll make it easy for you to tell us how many times you want a size marked…select how you want us to lay all your pattern pieces in your marker – one way to single size marker…select what kind of fabric the patterns will be used with…select marker making cuttable width…then you upload your ZIP or DXF files to create the marker for your skirt. 

And we are always here to assist you every step of the way. 

Making markers for skirts – or any other garment for that matter – is like putting together a complicated puzzle. As a marker maker, you develop a keen eye for how to put patterns together to produce the highest fabric yield. You definitely get better at it over time. You can’t replace experience. 

Our pool of talent is one of the things that makes us unique. We have a lot of experience in our shop. Helping You Every Step Of The Way Starting Today

Dresses Marker Making Services

Marker making is as much an art as it is a science. Therefore, it makes a difference who is doing the marker making and planning for your dresses and other garments. 

Our planners will arrange your dress designs with efficiency in mind – wasting very little of your dress fabric in the process. Our marker planners will produce tight markers for your dress designs every time. Hire us, and you can rest assured that the maximum amount of your fabric will actually be used in your dresses…and not end up in the trash bin. 

Creating tight makers is a challenge – one we are up for. Whether we are using a CAD system to make your markers or doing it by hand, we'll deliver the best results. Best Marker Results For Your Dress Designs Starts Here

Bikinis Marker Making Services

Fabric accounts for 70% of the costs of any given garment. Fabric for bikinis is no exception. How that fabric is marked for your bikini patterns has a direct effect on your bottom line.

Good marker making depends on many factors, like the optimal placing of bikini patterns on the marker and the design requirements. Fabric characteristics also figure into pattern placement. 

Every order is different. No worries! Our marker making gurus know precisely what to do with any kind of order…even your new order for markers for your one-of-a-kind bikini.  Achieve Maximum Fabric Yield And Efficiency With Smart Pattern Making Marker Services 

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What is a marker?

A Markers is a blueprint containing all your pattern pieces and used in the cutting process to maximize fabric consumption. A marker will allow you to know exactly how many yards of fabric you need to buy to cut for example 1000 pair of jeans.

Can you make a marker using my ZIP file pattern?

Yes, we can.

Can you convert my DXF file to Gerber format and make a marker?

Yes, We can.

How do I pay for marker making services?

When making a payment please select total piece quantity per size x the number of sizes you need to mark to create your marker.  FOR EXAMPLE: if you upload 1 pattern size M that contains (1-5) pieces and need to add 2 more sizes to create your marker you should have a total of 3 in the quantity box for 3 sizes in your shopping cart.

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